Yemin Moshe Watercolor Sketches

Jerusalem watercolor
Finally, I am getting back the main reason for this blog: posting sketches of my art. Above is a scene from a neighborhood of Jerusalem called Yemin Moshe – it overlooks the Old City. I purposely chose a limited palette for this watercolor. The composition and the drawing are about where I want them to be. I will probably return to this subject and depict it again. I left the areas white that I might in the future make into a very pale gold.

Yemin Moshe walk by houses
Yemin Moshe was built at time before cars. There are now places to park behind the houses, but one mostly walks up and down stairs to tour the neighborhood. We visited Yemin Moshe in 2016. It is quite picturesque (and pricey as well).

When I post these watercolors, I think of the first words of the famous Naomi Shemer song:

“The mountain air is clear as wine
And the scent of pines …”

Looking forward to doing more watercolors, landscapes or portraits. Have you ever painted or drawn? What are some of your favorite subjects to depict?

8 thoughts on “Yemin Moshe Watercolor Sketches

    • Thank you so much for commenting and for your words of encouragement! I enjoy people and architecture – both present unique challenges. The underlying drawing is quite important, and after that, it’s all about getting the values and palette right for your composition.

  • Your artwork never ceases to amaze me. The tones and contrasts, the details, the lines and flow, the expressiveness in your portraits, and so much more, give me insight into what you see, and what is important to you. I look forward to more paintings! xo

    • Hi, Annie! Love hearing that you see ‘skill and control’ – I am working hard at improving my technique. Your encouragement helps. I suppose the soft palette comes naturally – it’s an instinctual choice. I find harsh color combinations jarring – I am more comfortable with soft.

  • Leora, your water colours are beautiful! I especially love the picture of the Old City from Yemin Moshe. Were you just in Israel and you didn’t tell me? You should know that I show your blog to all my students when we learn how to write blogs!

    • Yes, I confess – we were in Israel for less than a week, for a family wedding. So glad you are showing your students my blog posts! Maybe soon I will do another one, but it might have to wait until after Pesach – life gets busy at this time of year. Good to hear from you!

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