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Jerusalem Pots with Plants – Watercolor

Pot of Flowers in Jerusalem
When walking around the neighborhoods of Jerusalem, one can often see flowers in a pot outside of quaint older buildings. I enjoyed converting this scene of pots with plants on a wall into a watercolor sketch.

In depicting a scene with watercolor, the artist must ask: how much do I show? What are the colors I should choose? Do I work to extend the contrasts of lights to darks or do I keep the range to lighter tones?

Jerusalem pot detail
Update: I added detail of the potted plant.

Lorri M. says

I like the bits of colors of the flowers, and how they contrast with the pot on the right. I also like the contrasts of the pots against the grey. The greenery stands out, nicely. Lovely watercolor!

Leora says

I like how you used the word 'contrast' twice in your comment - that indeed was one of my goals. I don't want a washed watercolor. Thank you, Lorri, for leaving a comment on this post.

Kathy Andrew says

Really like the muted colours. And with s light hand you’ve managed to convey the shape and weight of the pots. Lovely

Leora says

Kathy, ah, glad you like the shape and weight of the pots! That was certainly a conscious effort on my part. I enjoyed your comment - thank you.


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