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Girl Prays, Concentrating – Watercolor Sketch

girl prays watercolor
I painted this watercolor sketch of a girl praying with concentration in late December. There was a poster on the wall, and it inspired me to paint. The “concentration” refers to the concept of kavanah – כַּוָּנָה. At least to me, she does look like she is praying with intent, with feeling and emotion. Of course, we have no way of knowing for sure. But that is part of art – looking at a scene, and interpreting it in our own way.

I was pleased with the way all the white works in this watercolor sketch. I am trying to resist commenting on any piece of this watercolor sketch that I see as less than perfect.

Looking forward to doing more painting. Thank you for looking and for reading – and it is always a pleasure to get a kind comment or two.

Kathy Andrew says

The use of white is really what makes this painting both successful, giving it a depth of emotion. No small feat Leora.

Leora says

Kathy, thank you for your nice comments about the painting. It was unexpectedly successful. I look forward to doing more.

Donna@GardensEyeView says

I was so happy to be able to stop by and see your art....always a pleasure!

Leora says

Hi, Donna! So nice to get a comment from you. Hope to get a chance to do more artwork later in the spring.


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