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In Search of Style: Little Boy Reads Watercolor

boy reading watercolor
What influences an artist to paint? For me, I have this idea in my head that I want to paint certain family members in a warm, appealing, and descriptive manner. I have been working to increase my skills, but mere technique does not equal achieving a style one wants. In this watercolor painting of my son (he is now many years older than seen in this painting), I felt I got closer. I was able to paint the face with a lighter touch than I have before. Also, I like the expressiveness of the background that adds to the portrait. The bits of pink add a reflectiveness and softens the overall bluish gray and white of the composition.

What are some more ideas that I want to explore?

  • Even more lightness of touch when I paint.
  • Better command of my palette (the colors chosen for the portrait)
  • Always working to improve my drawing!

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Lorri M. says

What a beautiful watercolor! He is so well defined. I like how you present him to us, with the dark background, fully illuminating him. I feel his interest in reading. ๐Ÿ’œ

Leora says

I am glad I captured the essence of the moment: "I feel his interest in reading" is a major part of what I was aiming to express.


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