New Header for Mom

I had great fun this past week creating a new header for a popular blog called:
A Mother in Israel

laundry and squeegeeIf you are interested in parenting, breastfeeding, interviews with other bloggers, life in Israel, burkas or potato kugel, mom in Israel has a lot going on.

Mom emailed me a variety of pictures; the final header has abundant, colorful fruit in a market, a child’s tricycle, challah, a laundry basket and squeegee, and a boy in a cap at the beach. I asked my children to review the header before forwarding the final version; my daughter remarked the bike looked like it was in the market and the laundry looked like it was on the beach! Bravo, daughter. Great to have assistants like you.

A few of my favorites:

boy at the beachFinally, here are links to two very touching posts:
My Aliyah Part I
and My Aliyah Part II. In these posts she talks about the sudden death of her mother, loneliness and grief, and making friends in a new place.

She is funny, personable, and informative. I hope you’ll enjoy her blog as much as I do.

5 thoughts on “New Header for Mom

  • Mother in Israel,

    It’s late Saturday night. I have three ideas for posts in my head. I only have time to type one. Yours was definitely the most enjoyable, so it won! My pleasure.

    On the PS-Uh, oh, Jewish geography time. I’ll wait until my husband wakes up and ask him if he can guess.

  • I Figured it out.
    second time I,m being mentioned on miminisrael blog. I’ll try to follow yours too. B”N
    best regards

  • I thought I recognized that Leora W style! There was something familiar about it before I realized you had designed it.
    Looks great, and the blog is really enjoyable (even for a non-mom like me).

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