Weekly Review with Beet Watercolor

Beet Leaf, watercolor on paper, 2008
Beet Leaf, watercolor on paper, 2008

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Gull over the water by the beach at Cape May, New Jersey   Chalfonte Hotel, Cape May, New Jersey (built in 1876)   Ghost of Cape May on Lafayette Street

Hibiscus Outside a Restaurant in Cape May, New Jersey   beachfront   southern_franklin

Thanks to everyone who commented on my new “Websites for Small Biz” blog project. This morning I tried to put a fancy magazine theme on the new blog; the fancy shmancy theme crashed the blog, so I had to delete it. I will be experimenting with themes for a while on that blog. There are lots of details to fine tune on a new blog.

Would love to get some comments on my Anne of Green Gables post (thanks, Mrs. S., for being #1!).

I am excited to have another guest blogger that I interviewed. She is from New Jersey, and she writes about: playgrounds! Come back on Wednesday to learn more.

Rosh Hashana is coming next week – for the Jewish New Year, Jews around the world are (supposed to be) preparing themselves spiritually for the day. I approach the upcoming holiday by exploring the simanim, the food symbols that we put on the table. Beets, pictured in the above watercolor, are one siman. More on the simanim next week.

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These bloggers wrote memorials for 9/11:

Looking for recipes for the upcoming Jewish holidays? Visit:

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