Beanstalk Play and Market Girl

mother looks for Jack and Jill in the Jack and the Beanstalk
With the temperature and humidity high in New Jersey, is it any wonder that I am posting an indoor activity for Summer Stock? In the first scene of Jack and the Beanstalk at Middlesex County College Theater Camp, the mother looks for Jack and Jill.

market girl
My daughter is playing a market girl. She did well in the tryouts, so she may get a bigger role in an upcoming play. As her mom, I try not get my hopes or her hopes up too high.

My favorite character was the giant. My daughter said one of the teen counselors played the giant, who is tall in real life, too.

If you are in central New Jersey, you can see the play The Little Mermaid next Friday, July 29. On Friday August 5 the camp will put on Willy Wonka. Tickets are $3/person and showtimes are 9:30 am and 11:00 am.

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15 thoughts on “Beanstalk Play and Market Girl

  • Lovely photos. Does your daughter go to this camp every day? In the photo she seems to be enjoying herself. Is someone who is not her mom allowed to hope she gets a bigger role?

    • Yes, she goes every day for 3 weeks. This her third summer at this camp, but it’s the first summer the director has paid extra attention to her and told her she would get a bigger role. I hope he is good for his promises; I don’t want her to be disappointed.

      “allowed to hope she gets a bigger role” – as long as you are aware there may be disappointment!

  • Your daughter is beautiful on stage as well as in private life. She’s so focused, so long as she has your support, it’s no real harm in waiting for the greater roles, is it?
    Most actor have to play minor roles all their life. My daughter never played a leading role, but she did perform in school plays, ballet and small musicals.
    She once said, a little disappointed; ” I have realized that all directors have a little sister they prefer helping.”

    She was right, of course. I have seen those ambitious little sisters with a silver spoon grow up into…nothing.

    Your daughter is having great fun and is performing wholeheartedly. What a gift.

  • your daughter looks so wrapped up in her role
    and she’s so beautiful Leora

    the costumes look wonderful
    I’ve seen a few plays at Middlesex back when I was a youth mentor – we’d take groups of children there

  • Your daughter looks just like you, and I love the look on her face, you caught her at a perfect moment. My baby, now 20, spent two summers at the drama camp at Hebrew University. I credit them with her overdeveloped drama queen-ness today. Then again, she is incredibly self-confident, and she claims she picked that up at camp.

    • Sounds like drama camp brought out the actress in your daughter! Yes, self-confidence grows when you do something you enjoy and you get praised for it and encouraged.

  • This is great! When Robin first put up “Summer Stock” my mind immediately went to “Summer Stock Theater” … so your daughter’s performance finally fulfilled my initial impression!

    That said, I have to say I am so impressed with the vibrancy of the colors in the scenery and costumes, as well as your photo shots! Impressive. And what beautiful big eyes your daughter has. So expressive!

    And I love the mismatched socks in the 3rd photo!

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