Nature Notes: Cardinals Visiting

red cardinal in the branches
We’ve been having plenty of red cardinals visiting our backyard. I’ve been good about filling our one bird feeder. They like the sunflowers seeds in the bird feeder box.

cardinal sitting in bird feeder box
This cardinal sat in the bird feeder for quite a while, until I got up close to him because I wanted to take an up-close portrait. He decided he had better things to do and flew off.

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10 thoughts on “Nature Notes: Cardinals Visiting

  • You are helping those beautiful birds get through the winter.. I love them and I only have 1 pair who had 2 babies this season….I wish I had 30 of them like I do mourning doves….

  • I wish I saw more cardinals at my feeders! We had to take one feeder down because a squirrel was dumping sunflower seeds all over the place. We need to get a better feeder, I guess.

  • Hi Leora ~~ I saw your comment on Tina’s Pictures and remembered you for old days, ‘Ruby Tuesdays’ or ‘Wordless Wednesday’ or ‘Skywatch’ that I don’t do any more.

    So just saying Hi and hope you’re doing well. 🙂

    • I love your cardinal picture. He’s hiding in that dried brush pile. Would you send some down, please. There haven’t been any in our back yard and no others around that I have seen this winter. We might need it to be colder.

  • This is my second visit to this post but yesterday I lost the connection between commenting and posting my comment. The Internet only went back to normal later on during the day.
    Since we do not have cardinals I love to see yours every now and again. Cheerful spots on a grey winter day.

  • I’ve been racking my brain trying to find a birdfeeder for our cardinal family that doesn’t attract pigeons and that can work on a high-rise window sill. Your pictures solved the problem! Thanks!

    • Glad I (we?) could help. Lots of credit should go to Michelle of Rambling Woods (host of the Nature Notes meme) who helped me pick out that bird feeder. Thanks for leaving a comment, Penelope.

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