Nature Notes: Butterflies

butterfly with orange stripes
A little over a week ago I was treated to these butterflies in my backyard. I went out looking for birds and discovered butterflies.

butterfly on a leaf
Not sure why they are suddenly attracted to my yard. Maybe I just never noticed them in past years.

From my readers, an update: red admiral butterflies – Michelle reports lots of migrating this year.

spotted butterfly on leaves

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10 thoughts on “Nature Notes: Butterflies

  • The top one looks to me like a red admiral. I didn’t realize you had them in the US too.

  • It was a big year for the red admirals. They are migratory and they believe that the warm windy weather pushed many of them northward. There host plant is the nettle family so I don’t know if you have that or any of the nectar plants. You can see how “worn’ they are from their long journey. These will mate, lay eggs and die soon….Michelle

  • I remember reading a book where they mention admirals and explained lots of things about them but cannot remember what it was called.
    Beautiful photos. Here it is too cold for butterflies at the moment.

  • I have a seen a LOT of red admirals in Ohio this year. There are a lot of stinging nettles (for them to eat) all over the woods here. I know first hand 🙁

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