Flowers in the House

If you needed to decorate your house for just two days with some kind of flower theme, how would you do it? If you wanted to involve your children in the project, how could you make it fun? Here’s some quick ideas: Buy some beautiful (but expensive) flowers at the florist. Go to the supermarket […]

Ruth: Bitterness to Hope

Rabbi Levi Meier in his book Second Chances: Transforming Bitterness to Hope and the Story of Ruth discusses how the characters depicted in Ruth resemble people we might meet today. For example, Elimelech: His name and the names of his sons provide clues as to their character traits. Elimelech can mean “unto me, I am […]

Ruth: Famine, Infertility, Ploni Almoni

With great pleasure I have been studying the Book of Ruth with Ilana-Davita. Wait, how do we do that? She’s in France, and I’m in New Jersey? Email! The wonders of modern life. As an introduction, I suggest that you read Ilana-Davita’s post on Megillat Ruth, which includes reasons why we read Ruth on Shavuot, […]