Pick N Choose Macrobiotics


Some snippets from Klara’s macrobiotics group: Newbie asks: What to do about challah on a Friday night (or the lack thereof)? Some responses: As for challlah Friday night. I have two thoughts. First is the difference between the letter of the law vs. the spirit of the law. I think the blessing say thanks for […]

Kiersten = Z.


A while back I wrote about a young woman’s battle with cancer: Caring Too Much? Update on Z. I met her once at an art class. We shared a table. She cheerfully told me about how she does art in between chemo sessions. If there is a gene for optimism, she had it. Here is […]

Update on Z.


A week ago I posted about Z., a friend of Ann who is very ill with cancer. Z.’s father regularly writes posts in a password-protected blog on the hospital website. Ann gave me access to these posts, and they are touching. And disturbing. It is clear that this is an important emotional release for Z.’s […]

The Big C


My mother, z”l (zichrona l’bracha, may her memory be a blessing), called it ‘the Big C.’ She couldn’t say its real name, Cancer. That would be too much of an admission of its arrival, of the arrival of this dreaded, unwelcome guest. My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer soon after my wedding. The early […]