Juggling Frogs, Tag Cloud, Comment Spam

For all those who care to know about fellow bloggers: Juggling Frogs is reportedly fine and busy preparing for a family simcha (celebration). Nice to hear good news. A few days ago I created a Tag Cloud for my sidebar. What’s a Tag Cloud, you ask? Go down to where it says Popular Tags. If […]

Upgrade, categories, tour of Highland Park

Did my first WordPress upgrade this morning. It went without a hitch (yippee!). Contemplated getting rid of most of the categories for blog links and sticking the majority under “More Blogs”, with Highland Park Blogs still existing. Decided to leave as is for now. Hint: two of the bloggers under “Jewish Blogs” are also Highland […]

Learning About Blogs

Seems to me the best way to learn all about blogs is to blog, right? So Technorati wants me to post this to claim my blog: Technorati Profile Leave me comments, so I can learn more about how to handle those…