Red Impatiens after the Rain

Red Impatiens after a rainfall, early August 2009
Red Impatiens after a rainfall, early August 2009

I should be packing, but what I do? Just take time for one Ruby Tuesday post, pretty please, with a raindrop on top. We are leaving for Cape May in the morning, and in less than an hour we are driving to north Jersey to pick up my son who has been at camp for one month.

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One item that has been on my mind that I would love to share with you: I would like to start a new blog, one that is for business and technology posts. It would be geared toward small business people, technical and managerial. That way I could write a post on the cool MooTools menu that I put up this morning on a new client’s site (I can’t show it off yet; it’s not yet public) and expect an audience that might be interested in reading such a thing. Since many of you have been loyal or occasional readers of this blog, I would love to get your input. More on this topic when I return from Cape May. Thanks for reading.