Red Impatiens after the Rain

Red Impatiens after a rainfall, early August 2009
Red Impatiens after a rainfall, early August 2009

I should be packing, but what I do? Just take time for one Ruby Tuesday post, pretty please, with a raindrop on top. We are leaving for Cape May in the morning, and in less than an hour we are driving to north Jersey to pick up my son who has been at camp for one month.

For more posts with red, visit Ruby Tuesday:

One item that has been on my mind that I would love to share with you: I would like to start a new blog, one that is for business and technology posts. It would be geared toward small business people, technical and managerial. That way I could write a post on the cool MooTools menu that I put up this morning on a new client’s site (I can’t show it off yet; it’s not yet public) and expect an audience that might be interested in reading such a thing. Since many of you have been loyal or occasional readers of this blog, I would love to get your input. More on this topic when I return from Cape May. Thanks for reading.

41 thoughts on “Red Impatiens after the Rain

    • See? You are the perfect audience for my love of posting flower and other pretty pics. Now I need to gradually develop an audience so I can talk techie stuff, too. Thanks for mentioning that part of my post. It’s been on my mind. And rain has been in the sky – but the weather promises to be beautiful just in time for our trip.

  • I have no clue about technology – but I am sure you will get the audience interested – no matter what!
    I like the rainy drops in that red beauty!

  • The ever so blooming impatience is called “Industrious Lise” in Norway. She is like a busy bee, always going on and on blooming,-until I forget supplying her great thirst. Then she’s irrevocably “Dead Lise” .
    The techno site might be interesting.
    I more and more understand, I’m a techno looser.
    I’m not heading for any business though. I’m totally enjoying my retirement days.
    Just don’t want to loose grip on the reaal world.
    From Felisol

    • Felisol,

      How could you possibly be a techno loser? You are one of my favorite bloggers. You use technology to bring joy and warmth to people’s hearts. What could be better?

      Enjoy retirement. My father worked all his life in the computer field; now he mostly uses his computer to place online orders and to email his financial planners and his lawyer so he can continue to enjoy his retirement.

  • Your flowers look refreshing and delicate.
    I guess I’ll visit your new blog as I find the idea interesting and enjoy learning new things. However I might not be able to understand all that much.
    Will you assume that people know nothing about technology or are almost as savvy as you are?
    Have a safe trip. When will you be back?

    • Actually, the idea is that I can attract more “savvy” types as you call them. But if you or anyone else has questions, I would love to take the time to answer. I think I’m a natural teacher, though the idea of standing in a classroom to a group of teens who don’t want to be there is not my thing (I know you have to do this again soon).

      Just as when one teaches Torah, a good teacher can teach to both the educated and less-educated, one can do the same with business, tech, design, whatever. In fact, throwing in a little ethics every now and then might be refreshing, too.

      • I know you have to do this again soon
        Next Tuesday in fact.
        I agree that you are a great teacher and can be both concise and efficient. Two fine qualities.
        “Ethics” would indeed be a most welcome addition.

  • Safe travels Leora. I think you are very gifted with this blog, so I’m sure it will translate well to a technical blog. I for one will visit it, as I am keen to learn new things. Look forward to your posts of Cape May (forgive my ignorance, but where is it?) Sounds very New Englandish?

    • Cape May is the southernmost tip of New Jersey. It is supposed to be a mecca for birds. Pretty beaches, Victorian-style homes. I’m bringing two cameras, one for when we are close to the car (the heavy one) and one for longer hikes (the Powershot, it’s lightweight).

  • Hi Leora,
    I love the red impatiens. So pretty with the raindrops!
    My tech-oriented son (18) might be interested in your new blog idea

    He is a computer engineering major/computer science minor and lives and breathes computers, it seems.

    Enjoy your Cape May vacation.

    Wow, you must have missed your son! That’s a long time for camp.

    • Ah, I bet your son and my son would get along.

      I will need guest posters or folks to interview, too. Enthusiasm and some knowledge would be the main requirements. Ability to write in English helps, though I could edit, too.

      • Hi Leora!

        Cameron is quite enthusiastic about technology and I’ll bet he would do a guest post. He is a good writer, if I do say so myself.

        Just send me an e-mail if you want me to ask him..

  • Lovely photo of an old favorite, Leora. Enjoy your holiday and all the best with your new blog. I would be interested in seeing what your new blog is all about. 😉

    • Thanks for comment on my upcoming tech blog. I wrote a whole post on several pages of an old notebook on our car ride down here to Cape May. Happy that we have wireless in this pretty little motel (Blue Fish Inn).

  • Can’t wait to see your Cape May photos. We used to go there with our kids every summer, but now they are older and have too many other things going on to be able to go. Enjoy it while you can, Leora! I miss visiting – Cape May became like our home away from home. Such pretty gardens, beautiful Victorian homes and of course, the beach. Have a great trip!

  • The feeling of depth is what the rain drops give. A beautiful flower, delicate looking yet strong and impressive in its lovely ruby. The flower is a sliver of red in the green world that surrounds it…

  • Beautiful RUBY macro photograph! I sure wish WE’d get some rain here … though I confess it was lovely to swim under sunny blue skies this morning ;–)
    Enjoy your trip!
    Hugs and blessings,

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