Weekly Review with Iris

Purple Iris, photographed in May 2009
Purple Iris, photographed in May 2009

I decided to head this post with an iris from spring, because everything outside is brown or gray. Though my parsley is still bright green.

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A quiet week on my blog: I plan to publish on Sunday a post on illustrators, some famous, some you can access now via blog, Twitter, website or Flickr.

Elsewhere in the Blogosphere

  • Jewish Blog Carnivals: Batya has reported that Blog Carnival isn’t forwarding links. To participate in Haveil Haveilim, send links to shilohmuse at gmail dot com (today only). If you have a recipe for Kosher Cooking Carnival, send links to shira at seymourpr dot com. If you are a Jewish photo blogger, please send links to jpixcarnival at gmail dot com (you have until December 24).
  • Jew Wishes is back to writing book reviews. Here’s one: Letters to My Father, by William Styron – letters written by Styron to his father, William C. Styron, Sr.
  • Record Numbers of Turkish Jews Moving to Israel
  • G6 asks some interesting questions about blogging and writing to your audience.
  • I wrote a post on how to make fancy colored boxes in CSS – feel free to ask questions on my tech blog.

Today’s Flowers: Iris and Orange

Love irises. We had them at our wedding almost 16 years ago. Can someone please remind me to buy some next fall to plant in my own garden? Sometime after October 18, because my middle son’s bar-mitzvah is that weekend, so I will be a tad busy up until then.

single iris
So glad I have neighbors that grow these purple beauties that I can photograph for my blog.

Can anyone name these lovely orange flowers? They look a bit like snapdragons from a distance, but when one gets up close, one can see the petals are not like those of a snapdragon. I think the orange looks nice with the purple of the iris, don’t you? I found these orange flowers growing in front of a business on Raritan Avenue in Highland Park.

A detail of the orange flower: is it a snapdragon? Or something else?

For more flowers, visit Today’s Flowers:

This post is dedicated to the many U.S. soldiers who have died for American freedom and for world freedom. Monday, May 25 is Memorial Day in the United States.