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Purple Iris, photographed in May 2009
Purple Iris, photographed in May 2009

I decided to head this post with an iris from spring, because everything outside is brown or gray. Though my parsley is still bright green.

On My Blog

allaire_door First Thanksgiving Dinner According to My Daughter foliage_red

A quiet week on my blog: I plan to publish on Sunday a post on illustrators, some famous, some you can access now via blog, Twitter, website or Flickr.

Elsewhere in the Blogosphere

  • Jewish Blog Carnivals: Batya has reported that Blog Carnival isn’t forwarding links. To participate in Haveil Haveilim, send links to shilohmuse at gmail dot com (today only). If you have a recipe for Kosher Cooking Carnival, send links to shira at seymourpr dot com. If you are a Jewish photo blogger, please send links to jpixcarnival at gmail dot com (you have until December 24).
  • Jew Wishes is back to writing book reviews. Here’s one: Letters to My Father, by William Styron – letters written by Styron to his father, William C. Styron, Sr.
  • Record Numbers of Turkish Jews Moving to Israel
  • G6 asks some interesting questions about blogging and writing to your audience.
  • I wrote a post on how to make fancy colored boxes in CSS – feel free to ask questions on my tech blog.

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