Scouts March for Israel

I had the pleasure of marching in uniform with Troop 55 of Highland Park/Edison, New Jersey in the Salute to Israel Day Parade down Fifth Avenue in New York City. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America are some of the first marchers in the parade. We are right behind the Veterans of America. […]

Memorial Day Parade on Raritan

Anticipation, an empty street with onlookers: Finally, the parade begins: The Highland Park politicians march toward the front of the parade. The woman in the red hat is Mayor Meryl Frank. Elsie Foster-Dublin, a councilwoman, is wearing a red blazer and waving. Jon Erickson is on the far left. Padraic Millet is new to the […]

Yom Ha’Atzmaut in Edison, NJ

Ever wonder if your blogging can have effect? This morning I woke up and found this: Remembering in New Jersey So I felt I should share with you the next day as well, the annual RPRY Yom Ha’Atzmaut parade, which is always a lot of fun. This year, the sky was rather cloudy. But out […]