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Kosher Cooking Carnival: Pictorial Edition

July 22nd, 2009 by

“What is the use of a book, without pictures or conversations?”

On that note from Alice, let’s begin our exploration of recipes, food topics, kashrut, anything kosher. Most links have been given a picture, because I like pictures. If you didn’t post it with a picture, I added one of my own. You are the recipe writer, I’m the illustrator. Unless you decided to self-illustrate. So without further ado, here’s Kosher Cooking Carnival #44:

Fit for a meal


Ilana-Davita teaches us how to make spicy fish – hraymi. She explains: “Hraymi is a red spicy fish dish that is popular among the Sephardic Jews of Libya.”


Annette tells us how to make Matzoh brei, which she says she makes year round! She teaches us: “Be sure to use plenty of salt and pepper, or you may find the Matzoh Brei too bland for your taste.”


Mimi makes my mouth water with her schnitzel photo and recipe. She suggests “serve with a rosé wine, cold beer, or lemonade.”

Batya shows us her delightful, sparkling minestrone vegetable soup. She says: “there are two fast days in the summer, and I love to break my fast on vegetable soup. ”


Breakfast Time

G6 shows us her breakfast food.
She says: “I figured that rather than have you all traipse over to my house in your pajamas on Sunday morning, I’ll give you the recipe here to share with your own families. It’s really easy. All you have to do is remember to set it up the night before, since it “cooks” in the refrigerator overnight. ”



Kids and Food

Lady-Light talks about her grandson and MEATBALLS and PUSGETTI.


Eat Your Vegetables

Leora (that’s me) posted how to make pressed salad.


Sugar cookies are brought to you by Soccer Dad’s daughter. And can you guess the missing ingredient in Soccer Dad’s challah?

apples_sqOatmeal Apple Crisp is brought to you by Mrs. S. – is it a dessert or a side dish or both? (and does it matter)


And another apple recipe (is it almost fall?) by Baleboosteh – Easy Apple Crumble.


Jacob Da Jew asks: Which Donuts Do You Desire? Responses include: “Am I the only one who doesn’t care about donuts, pizza, etc? Keep your donuts and bring me meat and beer!” and “Fresh French kruller from DD is just heavenly.”



Devo K. has a vodka extracts for drinks with lemon and vanilla flavors to show us. But don’t ask about the mint.



Celebrations and Announcements

Batya shows us kosher food at the consulate: a beautiful display of quiches, salads, doughy things and desserts.


Kosher Kook (who is related to Lady-Light) has joined the jblogosphere with his great ability to teach men to cook! He grills some delicious meat on Wednesdays.

Careers in Kashrut

An unexpected submission for the Kosher Cooking Carnival, Daled Amos tells us of a new job market for Orthodox Women. So will you be suggesting this to your daughter instead of occupational or speech therapy?


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Since it is the Three Weeks (and now the Nine Days), a solemn time when we remember that the Beit HaMikdash (the temple that was in Jerusalem) was destroyed, I’ll leave you with some imperfection. It is customary in some families to not complete the building of a home; perhaps one brick is missing, or there is one piece of wall unpainted. So in the spirit (or lack of spirit) of the Three Weeks, here is an imperfect sentence, one that

30 Responses to Kosher Cooking Carnival: Pictorial Edition

  1. Ilana-Davita says:

    Great job Leora! Thanks for including Hraymi and my cellphone shot.
    I like the imperfect sentence.

    • Leora says:

      Oh, I’m glad the imperfect sentence went over OK on my first reader. If you have ever read Lemony Snicket aka Daniel Handler, it’s his style. Given that he writes about depressing topics (in a humorous manner), it fits in well with the Nine Days and wanting the days to be those of joy instead of sorrow.

  2. G6 says:

    Wow! That’s a beautiful post.
    I’m going to have to take some time to go through these links.
    Thanks for linking me, by the way…
    When I began reading your post, I lamented the fact that I hadn’t thought to submit my breakfast link… then lo and behold, there it was ;)
    You’re on the ball! :D

    • Leora says:

      G6, it helps that you write lots of interesting posts on a variety of topics…I can’t promise to catch everyone’s food posts for KCC. I loved the line about us coming to your house on Sunday morning in our pajamas.

      • G6 says:

        I must tell you Leora, that the line to which you refer actually comes from a deep seated desire for just that!

        Even though I am old enough (for the record – just barely!)to be a grandmother, it is well known in my house that I’d love nothing more than a grown up slumber party for my birthday. Can you picture it? A bunch of us (not so) old women, lying around doing each others nails and swapping secrets? My problem is that most women my age find this idea positively NUTS!!!! :D

      • Leora says:

        I’m game for a slumber party. Sounds fun! Does not sound nutty at all to me.

      • Malka Esther says:

        I see nothing wrong with women our age doing slumber parties.

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  4. Mrs. S. says:

    What a gorgeous edition!
    Thanks for including me.

  5. Baila says:

    That was really great, Leora. But I don’t think I’d want to be a mashgicha. I think it would drive me nuts to worry about everyone else’s kitchens.

    And I think a slumber party sounds really fun…

    • G6 says:

      Ooooh, this slumber party is really coming together.
      Maybe we should do a “J-Female Bloggers” Slumber party :D

      • Leora says:

        Now, in which country shall do this slumber party? Baila’s backyard (do you have one, Baila?) sounds like it would be a warm, friendly setting. 6,000 miles away from here, but who’s counting.

      • sounds like fun

        Baila, when I cooked in the maon (day care center) I was so horrified at how others handle food, I could barely eat anything I didn’t have complete control over.

      • Devo K says:

        I’ve got a backyard… and a huge salon for the sleeping bags!

  6. Jew Wishes says:

    What a fantastic post!

  7. Mimi says:

    Lovely post, so well organized and pretty, it’s a pleasure. Thanks for including my shnitzle, and for saying nice things about it!

    I’m always up for a ladies’ slumber party. My oldest Israeli friend and I have one every summer. We make avocado facial masks, pop corn, and sit around in our pyjamas watching movies (and drinking gin and tonic, but don’t tell anyone).

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  10. Jewish Side says:

    wow, great edition, the pictures look great!

  11. Devo K says:

    Thanks for hosting! Although technically my post was about making your own extracts and not necessarily flavored vodkas.. but that’s ok. A splash of the vanilla in one’s coffee or hot cocoa is… wow!

  12. I took a look at a couple of the blogs..I must say that now I am very hungry, but it is too late to eat anything….

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