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Verbena and Cardinals

December 10th, 2012 by

verbena in fall with autumn leaves
Little did I know early last summer when I purchased pink verbena because I wanted some color in my front yard that the verbena would survive frost, snow, a hurricane and live longer than the mums, the snap dragons or the nasturtium.

verbena among fall leaves like bald cypress leaves
The verbena looks handsome among the fall leaves – those orangey brown pine-like leaves are from our bald cypress tree.

verbena in our front yard
Truly the only pink in our front yard now is from the verbena – mostly brown, some green, and these dots of verbena pink.

cardinals female and male
In other nature in my yard news, I got a photo of a female and male cardinal together. They often travel together, but I don’t usually see them this close.

And I got a close shot of the cardinal – he looks like a proud guy, or maybe he has just eaten a lot of the black sunflower seeds in our bird feeder.

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11 Responses to Verbena and Cardinals

  1. Jewaicious says:

    Nice cardinal photos. I love how they both care for their young, taking turns getting food, feeding the babes, and looking out for predators.

    Verbena is a very hardy plant. They thrive through some amazing weather. They are used a lot in the desert, too, for that reason.

  2. A.K.Andrew says:

    Lovely photo’s and the cardinals are absolutely stunning. I’ve never seen one. Good hint for the Verbena – didn’t realize it would bloom so late. Thanks Leora.

  3. Hannah says:

    Lovely to see these little pink flowers survive in the winter cold. Can you tell whether the cardinals are always the same birds or do they all look the same?

  4. Eileen says:

    The verbena is a good choice! They are pretty flowers. Love the cardinals. Thanks for sharing, Leora! Have a happy week!

  5. I love cardinals as the pairs are always together not just in breeding season and they each have a lot to say.. I love verbena and always have some in hanging baskets. I should plant some…. Michelle

  6. Carver says:

    Beautiful shots. Verbena is a tough plant.

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  8. so beautiful Leora, chag urim sameach, shabbat shalom!

  9. Hi Leora. Thanks for responding. The reason for why I ddi not find you was that mostly you cmom to me first. Then I visit you from the comment link. Often my posts is linked to more then one meme and then it is troublesome to know where to look for you and I got lost. :)

    The cardinal is really a colorful bird. So nice to see in the snow.

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