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Mrs. Cardinal and Kitchen Scallions

February 18th, 2013 by

cardinal shows feathers in tree female
I got some nice shots of a female cardinal visiting in our backyard. You can even see her feathers.

close up of female cardinal feathers
This is a close-up detail of her feathers.

female cardinal in tree
Hello, Mrs. Cardinal! What a fine bright red beak you have.

female cardinal against the sky
Is this the same female cardinal? She looks a little different than the one shown above.

male cardinal
Mr. Cardinal was a bit further off, hiding in the lower branches of a neighbor’s bush.

scallions grow in water in a kitchen
On a different topic, I put some scallion ends in water in my kitchen. Truthfully, I forgot about them; oh, my, I see they really have grown! I did change the water at least once. I think you are supposed to change the water every other day.

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11 Responses to Mrs. Cardinal and Kitchen Scallions

  1. The scallions look good enough to eat. And your cardinal is posing beautifully for you!

  2. Carver says:

    The cardinal shots are great. What fun to see the scallions growing. Any growth this time of year is a treat.

  3. Karen says:

    Great shots of that colourful couple!

  4. dianne says:

    they make a lovely couple
    you really got some great shots!

  5. Eileen says:

    The scallions look like they are doing great. And I love your Cardinal couple, Leora! Lovely photos. Wishing you a happy week ahead!

  6. Mrs. Cardinal is quite a beauty! Chag Sameach, almost:-)

  7. Hannah says:

    Great and beautiful photos.

  8. Neat photos of the cardinals! The scallions look healthy to me.

  9. Lorri says:

    Stunning feathered-ones captures. Each one a beauty. I love the female cardinal…she is precious.

    Nice on the scallions.

  10. Oh what great photos Leora..can really see the detail in the feather and the eyes. I don’t know if it is a different female or if the way the light was. If they came in as a mated pair, they might not tolerate another cardinal so it probably is the same one. Your scallions are doing really well even when you weren’t watching..thank you for the birthday wishes… Michelle

  11. She’s lovely isn’t she? That second photo is particularly wonderful because of all the detail it shows of her plumage

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