Mask for Purim


Purim mask – a mask is a symbol of “hidden.” Purim mishloach manot made out of decorated oatmeal containers with Purim wrapping paper, colored hamantaschen and Esther pointing at Haman illustration.

Watercolor Sketch: Esther Points at Haman

Esther points out Haman

I started this sketch of Esther pointing out Haman to Ahashverosh of Persia way back in December. It is based on an old painting – if you want, you can look it up. I liked the idea of the boldness of Esther. Is she someone to emulate? Can we find evil and point it out? […]

Central Poland Synagogues and Yom Hashoa

My son went to Poland. I told him I wanted him to take lots of photos. At first, he gave me the usual response about others taking photos or you can look them up on the internet. But in the end, he did take the photos, and I think his choice of subjects were telling. […]