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Busy Highland Parkers

Sarah by her tentA friend today asked me to feature her blogs (yes, she has four and considering a fifth) and her business. So here are her blogs (you can tell her I sent you):

Her art on t-shirts, mugs, magnets, posters and more can be found on

green square green square green square

Another Highland Parker is reportedly working on a “lose weight, eat healthy” book. The diet is what I would call “steak and salad”: red meat is encouraged over chicken, vegetables should be plentiful. Absolutely no white flour or sugar, and no fruit. You can eat cheese on the diet. But milk is a no-no. I wonder if anyone could stick to this. Anyway, when it becomes a real book, I’ll write more.

assasinphone says

why milk not good for diet ?cheese was made from milk

Leora says

why milk not good for diet ?cheese was made from milk
I have the same question. We will have to wait until he finishes writing the book.


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