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Expressions of Anger

anger dudeYesterday, I started posting about anger.

My intention had been to write about every day anger and how various people handle it. However, a horrific tragedy gave me pause to focusing at present on the every day. I feel fortunate to have wonderful neighbors here in Highland Park of many different backgrounds. But the close neighbors of Sderot, Israel, where people have been under daily rocket threats, celebrated yesterday’s massacre. CELEBRATED! How could one not get angry?

Some responses of bloggers:

Finally, getting back to Highland Park, as I originally meant this to be a blog about Highland Park, I just want to mention with sadness and some anger that Michelle Reasso will be leaving the Highland Park Public Library. At whom do I direct the anger? It can’t be at Mayor Meryl Frank; she gave the library a large donation recently. And not at the other librarians. And not at the taxpayers of Highland Park, we pay too much already. So I’ll direct it at the ridiculous politicians of Trenton who messed up the State budget. Michelle deserves her own post, so I’ll write one soon.

It’s OK to be angry. Really.

Jack says

Anger can be a good thing. It really depends on how you handle it. If you can control it and channel the energy it is alright.

Leora says


Exactly. What a lot of people don't know is the relationship with anger and depression. In other words, if you don't acknowledge the anger, it is detrimental to your health.

Subject for another post!

Laurel Kornfeld says

I gave a very large donation to the library too. My name should be on that list.


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