About My Work


In between working on intriguing posts for your enjoyment and taking care of my family, I do website work for a number of Central New Jersey businesses and organizations. Sometimes it takes a while before my work becomes public, but recently I edited a number of web pages that I can share with you: Yesterday, […]

Recommend Some Books

I like to read. But I don’t care for much of the fiction written these days. So I am looking for recommendations; please leave some in the comments. Or else I will read yet another health book. Some blogger recommendations that sound good: The Physician by Noah Gordon (Ilana-Davita’s recommendation) The World to Come by […]

Expressions of Anger


Yesterday, I started posting about anger. My intention had been to write about every day anger and how various people handle it. However, a horrific tragedy gave me pause to focusing at present on the every day. I feel fortunate to have wonderful neighbors here in Highland Park of many different backgrounds. But the close […]