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Recommend Some Books

I like to read. But I don’t care for much of the fiction written these days. So I am looking for recommendations; please leave some in the comments. Or else I will read yet another health book.

Some blogger recommendations that sound good:

A book that sounds somewhat interesting:

(I read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon and liked it, though I can’t say I loved it. I found the end a bit disappointing).

Update: I was at the library this morning for a meeting (because of budget cuts in Highland Park, the library is now having a part-time consultant–me–update their website instead of a full-time employee). The Highland Park Public Library owns the top three recommended books on this post, as well as three copies of The Lost by Daniel Mendelsohn. It turns out The Lost is a biography, and I was looking for it in fiction! I took out Dara Horn’s book and Nancy Geary’s book. Noah Gordon’s books will have to wait; they were the fattest.

Ilana-Davita says

Have you read "the Lost" by Daniel Mendelsohn?
I posted about it a while ago, here is the link:

Leora says

Thanks, Ilana-Davita. I'll add that to my list of books to look for at the library tomorrow, when my kids finally return to school, and I return to my part-time web work.

mother in israel says

I've posted on that one too.:)

Leora says

Mother in Israel, found your post:
The Lost by Daniel Mendelsohn. Sounds like a good book!

"In the background of his visits to his older relatives in Florida lay a story about a great uncle who remained in the family's ancestral town of Bolechow, Ukraine, only to be murdered during the Holocaust along with his wife and four daughters...The author intersperses his story with an analysis of Rashi's commentary on the Torah and that of the modern commentator Rabbi Richard Elliot Friedman."

Baila says

The Physician was good, but Gordon's The Last Jew was amazing.

Also The Book Thief (name of the author escapes me) was a beautifully written novel about war time Germany from the perspective of some of its citizens (both good and evil).

Can't figure out how to underline in the comments section.

Leora says


Thanks for the recommendations.

Regarding underlining in Wordpress or on the web in general, try using <i>text here</i> instead of underlining. Underlining usually signifies a link.

The code, if you really want to know how to underline in Wordpress, is <u>text</u> (but this is deprecated code) or better yet <code><span style="text-decoration:underline"> text here </span></code>


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