Darn Ground Hog

The ground hog ate away at my peas. They were beginning to form, the little pea pods, and the big, bad ground hog chomped on them. I sprinkled the leaves with hot sauce, in the hopes that he won’t like it. My neighbor down the block has a ground hog trap; I think the idea is you capture the ground hog, and then you have to drive somewhere to the woods so then he (or she) can come scurrying back to your garden? What joy. Like I have nothing better to do.

I actually saw him in my backyard, and if I hadn’t been in a rush yesterday, I might have been able to capture him on my camera. But I don’t want to post villains on my blog, anyway. Instead, here’s a photo of a tulip that did not get eaten by a deer:
Why is it I call the ground hog a villain, and I have sympathy for the deer? Is it just because deer are prettier animals?

4 thoughts on “Darn Ground Hog

  • It’s the whole Bambi thing. We still love him, even if his cousins eat our gardens.

    Maybe Disney needs to create a Ground Hog character.

    You are very prolific lately–having a hard time keeping up!

  • >Jewish cultural conditioning.
    ? Tzvi is deer, aval eich omrim (how do you say) ground hog?

    >You are very prolific lately
    I am avoiding other things by blogging. Thanks for reading. Obviously, it’s filling some need of mine.

    hihorosie, I’m honored by your 2nd visit. Keep dropping in.

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