9 thoughts on “Dogwood Flowers & Tree

  • My neighbors had a local talented landscape designer pick the trees and plants for their backyard. The neighbor on the other side liked what she saw; she hired the landscape designer to pick some native plants for her front yard. So that neighbor has no grass in front, just plants.

  • Aren’t they pretty! Is there anything as glorious as spring? Even though the thought of beautiful weather all year round is enticing, I would truly miss springtime if I lived somewhere warm where there was no change of season.

  • Gail, I’m enjoying photographing the flowers. I like winter, too, and we don’t get much here in New Jersey! They had more snow in Israel than we did.

    I might want to do the top photo as a watercolor, as I really like the composition.

  • Oh yes, that would make a wonderful watercolor.

    I enjoy winter too. We also had a mild one in the Washington DC area. I think it snowed once, maybe twice, and it wasn’t very much of a snow either time. I like to see a couple of big snows every winter – deep enough to keep everyone home from work and school. Snow days are fun. (still a kid at heart, I guess)

  • I am looking for something to plan in my Mother’s Memory in our yard. We live in New England and have many trees, lots of sun during the day but long Winters and lots of leaves in the Fall. We recently cut down a Blue Spruce and like I said, I’d like to plant a beautiful flowering tree that doesn’t get too big that is ok with mostly sun but a NE Winter. Any suggestions? I’ve thought of a Dogwood or a Red Bud tree…

    • Julie,

      I’m hardly a tree specialist, but I’m guessing some people in your area will probably know a lot about which trees might work. Does anyone in your neighborhood have a nice selection of trees? We have a shade tree committee here in our borough – I’ve learned a lot about trees from the people on that committee. Maybe you have similar where you live? Good luck researching.

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