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Garlic Spread Photo

My garlic spread just came out of the oven, so here’s how it looks:
Garlic Spread
It didn’t make a lot, but that’s enough for my husband, my father and me for Friday night dinner. I used about 1/2 a clove of garlic. You can, alternatively as Baila mentioned, bake the cloves whole and then squeeze them.

Baila wrote (on this blog, not on her blog):

I do the roasted garlic. I cut the top off the head of garlic, put a bit of olive oil and spices–whatever I have lying around (oregano, pepper, paprika etc)–wrap it in silver foil and leave in the oven until I remember to take it out. My kids then squeeze the cloves out and use it to spread on challah. I also do this without about three other heads and put it in a pan with chicken and maybe some parsley for some really garlicy chicken (inspired by the Enlightened Kosher Cookbook).

Baila says


Thanks a bunch for the link--but it's not there....


Leora says

You mentioned it on my blog, but it seems nicer to link to your blog. I'll just put your comment on this post.


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