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Garlic Spread Recipe

First, because this is a post for the wonderful Kosher Cooking Carnival, two watercolors:
Garlic bulbs, watercolor painting by Leora Wenger
Recently I posted about the health values of garlic. One quality of garlic is if you cook it, it loses much of its pungency and instead becomes sweet. I learned this recipe while standing online at our local Glatt 27(it is called 27 because it is on Rte. 27). The woman in front of me told me she makes this every Friday afternoon. Her kids like it so much they peel all the cloves. No such luck with my children; Eldest Son just looked over my shoulder at this post and called it evil.


  • One bulb of garlic, peeled
  • Dried oregano (you could also use parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme or basil)
  • Touch of salt to taste
  • Broth or water

You need a little baking dish for this recipe. Here’s mine:
small baking dish
First, peel the whole bulb of garlic and put all the cloves in your baking dish. Cover with water (the woman on line uses chicken broth from her soup). Sprinkle with oregano and salt. Bake covered in the oven for about thirty minutes at 350° and mash with a fork. You can serve it in its baking dish.

I don’t like reheating it; it loses too much flavor. Serve as a spread for challah, matzah or crackers. Enjoy!

 See photo of baked garlic spread

 See larger version of garlic watercolors
Bonus question: which watercolor did I do first?

Ilana-Davita says

The first one? Maybe I'm only saying this because I prefer the other one!

Leora says

Ilana-Davita, thanks. I'll see if we get other guessers before I say anything else.

therapydoc says


Baila says

You are so talented!

I do the roasted garlic. I cut the top off the head of garlic, put a bit of olive oil and spices--whatever I have lying around (oregano, pepper, paprika etc)--wrap it in silver foil and leave in the oven until I remember to take it out. My kids then squeeze the cloves out and use it to spread on challah. I also do this without about three other heads and put it in a pan with chicken and maybe some parsley for some really garlicy chicken (inspired by the Enlightened Kosher Cookbook).

Leora says

Therapydoc, yes, it is! Wish my son thought so.

Baila, thank you, and yes, that's an easier way, easier to not peel the garlic and bake it whole. I like your "until I remember" method of cooking. :-)

Jill says

At first I didn't know, but now I'm guessing the second one. I think both compositions are strong, but I like the more solid sense of ground in the second one. Those deep darks really make the bulbs "pop."

Also: yum. That recipe looks great.

Leora says

Jill and Ilana-Davita, I did the one on the left first and the one on the right later. The giveaway is that I did them both on one long piece of watercolor paper, and I write from left to right!

I like the right one better, so I submitted it to Cafe Press for a card. I'm trying to find a method to print some cards to sell on my website. Cafe Press gives you a little shop.


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