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Gas Higher with Credit Card

Drivers paying higher prices at pump
for using credit cards instead of cash

CENTRAL JERSEY —While customers are still getting used to the sky-high price of gas, they are now being slapped with an additional fee for using a credit card.

A number of gas stations across the state have started to charge two separate prices: one for cash, and a higher one — about 10 cents more — for credit card users.

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But gas is still cheaper in Highland Park than it is in New York City or Boston.

therapydoc says

I think Chicago might be the highest in the nation. The pols know a good source of revenue, always have.

Ilana-Davita says

Is this legit? I don't think it would be here.

Leora says

Is this legit?
Seems to be. Until someone passes legislation otherwise. Or someone sues someone about something. Basically, it does cost the merchant more to do the credit cards. But they lose customers, too. No more going to Raceway for cheap gas.


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