Highland Park Street Fair

One of the best annual events in Highland Park, New Jersey is the street fair. Traffic is closed from 12-4 pm along Raritan Avenue, the main street in our borough. Booths line the avenue from 5th to 2nd Avenue.
Street Fair 2008

Here’s what my son and his friend chose to do:

If you are in pain, pay a visit to my friend Diana Hakakian, chiropractor:
Diana Hakakian

Kosher pizza for sale, too:
kosher pizza

Iola at the Hadassah booth 

My friend Iola tried to get me to join Hadassah.

Politicians, potters, ponies and people selling various stuff also graced the avenue.

Unfortunately, the rain did come down on my husband, daughter, son and his friend. My other son and I managed to walk the fair without any drops falling.


For more street fair photos, see the environmental booths here.

12 thoughts on “Highland Park Street Fair

  • “Kosher pizza for sale”

    just today my friend’s brother tried selling me on highland park. my first response was, “but there’s only one kosher pizza shop.” not that i even eat so much pizza, but it was just a brooklynite reflex. (although when i do eat it, i like vegetables slices, which iirc you don’t have)

  • Larry, I did look at Hadassah brochure. I would join if it were considered tzedakah, but it said the membership dues are not tax-deductible, and I don’t see my getting any benefit from it other than supporting a nice organization.

    Raizy, I had a good time. My daughter was at a birthday party when I went, so I strolled around by myself, checking on my son and friend every so often.

    Lion of Zion, it’s not Brooklyn. Only one sefarim store. But compared to Columbus where my brother lives, it’s Kosher Heaven. And all the varieties of Jews in Highland Park talk to one another.

    Ilana-Davita, yup, friendly it sure is. It’s not even a real town, just a borough. The borough is about 14,000 people. But the Edison border is right next to us, and a large part of the Jewish population lives in Edison. It takes about half an hour for my friends who live in the farther part of the Edison eruv area to walk to the Orthodox shul on the South Side of Highland Park.

  • It takes about half an hour for my friends who live in the farther part of the Edison eruv area to walk to the Orthodox shul on the South Side of Highland Park.

    Although there are other closer shuls that they can walk to instead, and many do.

    Lion of Zion, itโ€™s not Brooklyn. Only one sefarim store. . Trio also stocks some books, although these days I get most of my stuff from the internet anyway. And after living a 40 minute drive from the nearest kosher restaurant of any sort, I’ll happily live with ‘only’ one pizza shop, one middle eastern meat restaurant, one Chinese meat restaurant, one burger and sushi place, three kosher ice cream stores, and a kosher dunkin donuts. YMMV

  • other closer shuls
    Yes, there are 7 Orthodox shuls in the area. My husband has been to 6 out of 7, thanks to Larry L. for taking him to Klal Chasidim (did I get the name right?) last week, our newest shul.

    And one Conservative Temple. And an egal HP Minyan.

    If you miss Brooklyn, it’s only an hour by car.

  • Rosie, glad you enjoyed it along with me! I’m trying to figure out what part of the country you live in from your blog…

  • Ah, Seattle. That’s why you’re also into gardening. You got the wetness for it. I was in Seattle once, for my friend’s wedding. It didn’t rain at all. Was beautiful.

  • So you got to see Seattle at its best then. ๐Ÿ™‚ We usually reserve rainy days for out-of-towners this way they think it always rains here and they don’t want to move here. ha ha! This is my first year gardening and have been experiencing a weird spring but I think things are starting to improve for the good now. It’s just a little frustrating getting off to a late start when our growing season is so short to begin with. We’re hoping for a good harvest several months from now.

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