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Blog on Vacation

We are going on vacation. And so is this blog. When I will get a chance to post again is a mystery to me (as well as to you). Maybe next week? Stay tuned.

In the photo is one of the first rudbeckia (black-eyed susan) of the season. I have many of them growing in the front of my house. Rudbeckia are native to New Jersey.

Underneath my yellow rudbeckia flower is a geranium plant with purple flowers. The little orange “dot” in the upper left of the picture is one of my first marigolds of the season.

Ilana-Davita says

We have rudbeckia too but later and also purple geranium (now).
Have a safe trip and a nice journey.
Looking forward to hearing from you, wherever this is from.

Leora says

Ilana-Davita, it seems like Rudbeckia is native to the Americas and was introduced into Europe. Our present to you?

Robin says

Ooh, pretty.

Have a great time, wherever you are.

Batya says


I'll miss you!

Leora says

Thanks, Robin and Batya. I'm shutting down the laptop now, getting ready for kindergarten graduation and then heading off to the airport...

hihorosie says


Have fun on your vacation!

phyllis says

have a great trip!!!! we'll be here when you return;-)

Gail says

Very pretty flower. Have a good, safe trip, Leora!

Leora says

Hello, everyone! I made it here (I'm in the Galil, in Israel). I'm hoping at our next stop I'll have time and a better internet connection, and I plan to put up at least one picture. The Kinneret is beautiful.


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