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Why Blog? Why not!

Or this could be titled:

Stealing ideas from your blogger friends


First, Haveil Havalim #169 is up, in two parts, on a new (new to me, anyway) site: Part I and Part II. Jill’s blog is called Writes Like She Talks.

This brings me to the title of this post: Why blog?
And the subtitle: I stole this from Mother in Israel. (good topic, mom)
I do not talk like I write. I have always felt stifled in my talk, and therefore one of my goals with blogging is to say what I need to say in print. And hopefully in “real life” I can feel more comfortable expressing my ideas verbally.

Initially, I was hoping to connect with others locally, in the Highland Park area. What I have found is that many of those who read blogs are bloggers themselves. It has been a joy to connect with others around the world, in Israel, in France, in Seattle, in Virginia, in Chicago, in England, in (wherever it is you presently live). As Baila described me on her blog, she used the expression: “jack-of-all-trades”. The unfortunate conclusion to that expression is “master of none”, but I do try! So as many topics as I have introduced on this blog, I am sure there are more that I will explore in the future. And I LOVE comments. Please share your thoughts!

When Ilana-Davita linked to the latest HH, she included a lovely rose. It inspired me to post the little marigold on top of this post, that I found early this morning peeking under from under a geranium plant. This one probably was a self-seeder from last year’s marigolds. Unfortunately, the camera focused on the geranium leaves instead of the marigold, but I don’t have the patience (or time) to take the photo again. You get the idea. And thank you, Ilana-Davita, for letting me steal another good presentation notion.

NOTE: This blog will be going on vacation soon. Hopefully, I’ll write a little post about being away that should appear early Thursday morning.

And I’m stealing Mom in Israel’s conclusion, too:

Okay, that’s enough about me and my blog. Tell me about yours.

Ilana-Davita says

That's a good question. I think that, like Mom in Israel, I was first inspired by other bloggers and their writings. As a kid I loved writing and did so in a small copy book. Unfortunately now the writing teaching confines me to is not very "creative" and personal. So I guess that after reading those great blogs I thought "well, why not me?".
I started over a year ago, stopped for a short while but now I try to blog as regularly as possible. I also try to insert photos I take or took to make it look more attractive.
The last point is that I enjoy being connected to different people from diverse places and walks of life. As a Jew living in a town with only a tiny community, blogging helps me connect with a broader community.

mother in israel says

I also have trouble expressing my thoughts and opinions verbally. I like to play with the words for a while.

hihorosie says

I, too, was inspired by others to blog. I used to keep a handwritten journal off and on over the years but it was difficult (if not boring) to keep up. I'm not a fast typist but I type faster than I write, plus it's neater to read and easier to do. :) So that was another motivating factor: I wanted to keep a journal of sorts. So with that in mind and being inspired and encouraged by others I gave it shot nearly 4 months ago. I hesitated for a long time prior to starting because I don't view myself as a writer but as a reader and I wondered what I could possibly write about that would be remotely interesting to me let alone to anyone else but I did want to have a record of some parts of my life so here I am - it'll be interesting to read back on some of my earlier posts one day. And as Mother In Israel stated, there is something satisfying each time I hit "submit." The process has been fun, enlightening, validating, therapeutic, adventureous, and a learning experience all rolled into one. The people i've come in contact with have been amazing - it is wonderful to be able to connect with so many people AROUND THE WORLD about so many different things and support and learn from one another. Thanks for including me in your blog life. :D

frumhouse says

I communicate better in writing than in speech. Sometimes I need a place to work out my jumbled thoughts, and writing them down helps to sort things for me. When I decided to put up my mental post-it notes on a public blog, I figured, either people will read it or they won't, but ultimately the blog is for me. Even looking back on things I was thinking about 1 year ago shows how my thoughts and interests have evolved. I suppose blogging is a narcissistic venture before any other purpose.

Baila says

First of all, let me tell you Leora that I totally forgot the end of that expression, and I truly meant only the first part. I was just referring to your gardening, recipes, photos, artwork, community involvement, career and parenting, and your talent in all those areas. (And let me not omit the time you find for learning and blogging either).

As far as blogging goes, for now it satisfies my need to write. I've always thought I would write a novel, but the truth is I probably am not talented or creative enough to do that. I'm also lazy about doing the research that would be necessary. One of the first rules of writing, they say, is "write what you know"--my blog certainly fulfills that adage.

Like many of your readers I started as a reader of blogs; I couldn't believe the talent out there. I was hesitant about blogging, but am so glad I decided to do it. I didn't expect any comments and at first only heard from friends. Now most of my commenters are fellow-bloggers, and I love it. Sure some blogs get 6,000 comments, but my goal isn't necessarily to increase the readership, just to find my own little place in the sphere, so I am happy with the few comments I get. I was so excited the first time Jameel@the Muqata visited--I felt like I had arrived. And the other bloggers started showing up, like Mom and RR etc. And now you guys. (Sorry, I don't know how to link to these blogs in the comment section. For a blogger, my technical skills are very basic. Eventually, I will teach myself how to do more fancy things on the blog.)

I'm rambling, aren't I?

Your blog, by the way, is excellent.

(Okay, I do hope I get to meet you on your vacation. You have the number, right?)

Jill says

What a great blog post! :)

A Mother in Israel is actually one of my favorite blogs, even though I do not read her often enough and feel guilty about that! But I am determined to meet her in Israel this summer when I visit. :)

I started blogging because I wanted to force myself to sit down and write a certain number of words a day, as a freelance writer. And look what's happened three years later!

Have a great week.

Leora says

Ilana-Davita, it was wonderful to connect with someone who shares a love of writing! And to hear about France, and to view your beautiful photos.
Mom in Israel, how interesting that we both connect better in writing than verbally.
Rosie, you have a fun and friendly way of writing that makes others feel welcome.
Frumhouse, you are always coming up with something surprising and new (folks, her latest post is worth reading, and re-reading).
Baila, don't worry about the expression. It's just me contemplating once again if I accomplish anything because I jump from thing to thing. Send me an email, and I'll teach you how to write anchor tags so you can link in comments. Or maybe I'll just write a post on how.
Jill, thanks for visiting. I feel like I get a taste of Ohio when I read your blog. I have family in Columbus.

phyllis says

i must admit, i started my blog to fill what i thought was a bit of a void in the jewish blogging world - rabbi-mommy blogs. now i'm just here for the food.

just kidding. i'm actually in it for all the great giveaways.

nope, that's not it either. it's definitely all about the people! i am always fascinated by the different kinds of people i meet through my blog.

Jack says

Can I "cheat" and provide a link to a post I wrote a couple of years ago called Why I Blog.

Leora says

Phyllis, I enjoy hearing from you and visiting your rabbi-mommy blog! Food is good. We all do food.

Jack, so anything change since 2005?

Miriam says

I started with a private blog for distant relatives and friends to keep up with my girls' growth. And then I added a blog for scrapbooking. Soon I added one for knitting. I found that there was a wide range of subjects out there that I was interested in that I either couldn't find a local group to share with or it was just not possible to get to with the girls.

I've found that I really like it and often posts will find their way to my blog in some form. In fact, don't be surprised if I mull "why do I blog?" over in my head for a bit and then post about it.


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