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Balloon Ride at Land of Make Believe, Hope, New Jersey
Balloon Ride at Land of Make Believe, Hope, New Jersey

 Haveil Havalim is up on Frume Sarah’s World.

I’m going to be hosting the Kosher Cooking Carnival in August, so please submit here:
Recipes, restaurant reviews, cooking, food: as long as it’s kosher!

Last week I posted a blog challenge. It’s fun to see where it went:
 Batya’s Blog Challenge
 Gail’s Blog Challenge

Both mention Soccer Dad, a fine blogger indeed, though he writes so much I only read some of what he posts! (update: and Soccer Dad responds with Meme Thanks).

Ben-Yehudah’s Blog Challenge
Devash’s Blog Challenge
Linda’s Blog Challenge
And yet another: Reb Akiva’s Blog Challenge

Jack’s Community
Baila’s Blog Anniversary
Raizy’s Response (new!)

There are other bloggers I read that haven’t gotten mentioned yet, so that will have to be a separate post. This one has too many links already. And I love SO many of the new photo bloggers that I’ve started “reading” (more looking than reading) that the task of posting a few would be impossible.

Regarding the photo, we went there yesterday. I took pictures, and we (my husband, my daughter and I) got to act in a play. If I can think of a good angle for a post, maybe I’ll write more later.

7 thoughts on “Blog Carnivals and Challenges

  • Leora,

    People call me prolific, but I am beginning to think that I am going to have to pass along the title.

    You do a very fine job of producing quality posts that provide information as well as good recommendations of other blogs to read.

  • It was fun opening up this page to find something so colorful to greet me! The epitome of fun and happiness! 🙂

    yeah, that food I ate just wasn’t good for me. Thing is I’ve had plenty of teriyaki before (and do I dare say, since then too) but didn’t have the same reaction. It just confirms my belief that I ate too much and one time too late in the day. I understand the whole vegan thing too but for me it will be a personal test to see how I do. Not to say that I did it but to find out how I’m affected. And after the challenge who knows what will happen. Where I’ll go from there.

    As always, I enjoy your comments and thoughts. They are always welcome.

  • “It just confirms my belief that I ate too much and one time too late in the day.”

    This is supposed to read, it just confirms my belief that I ate too much at one time and too late in the day.

    I forget to proof read before hitting submit.

  • Ilana-Davita, I confess I didn’t read them all. I skimmed.
    Jack, is there a Blogger Aholics Anonymous? I’m addicted to this. Glad you enjoy it!
    Rosie, good luck. don’t be too hard on yourself. I always like hearing from you.

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