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New Jersey Skies

I don’t really mean to freak my readers out with the first two photos, but the New Jersey turnpike around Elizabeth, Newark and Linden is really what gives New Jersey a bad name. These don’t even show the worst of it, which we passed when I was driving my son to the bus stop for sleepaway camp last week. He took the photos.

Just to prove that our state is actually mostly much prettier than this, I took these in Hope, New Jersey in a wonderful little amusement park, water park and outdoor theatre in which the audience can participate:

My daughter, husband and I participated in a play in the front of this castle. She was a princess, he was the dragon (a major role!), and I played the skunk:

After I took the above photo, it did rain on us. But not too much.

Since the sky was glorious blue this morning, I’ll finish up with these two photos taken in front of my home:

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Kahshe Cottager aka Jen says

A nice series to introduce the varied skies of New Jersy! I did like the first two pictures though ... I thought the first one was really dramatic!

Thanks for your visit to my SKF!

Harry Makertia says

Particularly, I like the first dramatic photo. It talks a lot about daily life and people's feeling. Thanks.

Luke says

great photos of the sky and at the amusement park.

Jientje says

Thanks for your comment, I'm so glad you like it! Haloscan seems to work again, but i've copy pasted your comment on my blog! Oh and um, I'm glad you had such great blue skies this morning! It's raining here now, but that doesn't really matter since it's night over here now! Should go to sleep now, see you! **yawns***

ShutterHappyJenn says

I have to agree. The first photo was really awesome, the bridge provide that unique touch!

Hope you can hop by my SWF photos in these blogs:
Jenn Was Here
Shutter Happenings

Thanks! Happy Friday!

AnonyBird says

I thought the first ones were fog, not pollution! Pleased you added a combination of fresh air and blue skies afterwards :) A skunk!?! Hhehheeee :)

Michelle says

Leora. You son did a great job. I have relatives living in New Jersey..I know that it is pretty there..

Judi~Gmj says

Skunk? i love your humor. and NJ is pretty, I liked Farmington. Spent a whole summer there. Ahhh.. memories are good.

Faery says

All this pictures are beautiful.
Around my house I only have wires and street post :(

Fish Whisperer says

I have never been there and have no idea of what it is like but I really enjoy the photos. Someplace new is always exciting.

hihorosie says

Great pics! And hey, I'm sure playing the role of a skunk was just as important as the princess or dragon. :)

Whitney says

Your right..the first two pics were a little scary!! But the next ones were pretty..the sky is so blue! Have a good sky watch friday!

Rachel says

what a beautiful view! New Jersey is my favorite state ever! thanks for a refreshment of the beautiful jersey! (:

Joyce says

I grew up in NJ - East Hanover to be exact. There are many beautiful areas and many beautiful things about NJ. I left when I was young and am now settled here in FL, almost done raising my children and in a good, solid job - otherwise I'd go back. Home is where the heart is and while I am home, NJ is where I started from. Great photo's. I totally enjoyed! Have a great weekend!!

Leena says

Greetings from Finland and thank you for your comment in my site!
I was looking at your posts and I liked them all !
Have a happy weekend with your lovely family!

Ilana-Davita says

It is a great mixture of shots you have provided us with. I actually didn't know that NJ had a bad name!


nice pics thanks for the coment on mine have great weekend

Stine says

Thanks for all your nice comments!
You have taken a lot of great pictures!
Have a nice weekend!

Leora says

About the skunk: after the show, a woman (who had played a burgher--not a burger--but a burgher, a townsperson) said I had been a great skunk. It was fun chasing all those princesses in my black with white striped cape. I just so happened to be wearing a long black skirt that day.

me and my camera says

It looks busy there, a much different view from my tree lined horizons here in my north east. Its fascinating to see what lies below each others skies.

Leora says

To readers who don't know about New Jersey's "bad name":
the sarcastic response one sometimes gets when you tell someone in New England that you are from New Jersey is:
"What exit?" as though the whole state was just those ugly exits on the Turnpike.


merci beaucoup pour le commentaire sur la photo de sky watch

Pietro says

Really a fine sequence of great views.

Leora says

Babylonezoo, Je vous en prie. Votre blog est magnifique.

To everyone else, thank you for all your warm comments.

Tom says

A charming set of photo's this week whole family's are getting in on the act of Sky watching or at least getting mentioned and in shot... it fits in well with SAndy's intro..

SandyCarlson says

These are marvelous!

esnorway says

great shoots have nice weekend

Kelly says

Beautiful pictures! Have a good weekend!

Raven says

Wonderful series. The first remind me of days gone by.

wren says

The story of my life - I used to live in a crowded area on the east coast and left for more wide open spaces. Great photos!

Thanks for visiting Wrenaissance.

maryt/theteach says

Leora, New Jersey has some beautiful skies as you've shown! I live right next door and like NJ very much! :)

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) says

Much of New Jersey is REALLY pretty, you're right! They don't call it the Garden State for nothing. :)

Jack says

New Jersey's biggest issues are those cocakmamie jughandles.

Leora says

Thanks, Jack. Good idea for a post. Actually, I prefer the jughandles to the rotaries in the Boston area, where one can round and round for hours and not know where to go next.

torsdag says

A lttle bit late, but I had to stop by your blog. Lot of different ideas, wonderful series.

Leora says

torsdag, a pleasure to hear from you. Glad you like my variety.


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