New Jersey Skies

I don’t really mean to freak my readers out with the first two photos, but the New Jersey turnpike around Elizabeth, Newark and Linden is really what gives New Jersey a bad name. These don’t even show the worst of it, which we passed when I was driving my son to the bus stop for sleepaway camp last week. He took the photos.

Just to prove that our state is actually mostly much prettier than this, I took these in Hope, New Jersey in a wonderful little amusement park, water park and outdoor theatre in which the audience can participate:

My daughter, husband and I participated in a play in the front of this castle. She was a princess, he was the dragon (a major role!), and I played the skunk:

After I took the above photo, it did rain on us. But not too much.

Since the sky was glorious blue this morning, I’ll finish up with these two photos taken in front of my home:

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