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Good Evening New Jersey

These photos were taken in Ocean, New Jersey, Teaneck, New Jersey and Highland Park, New Jersey over the past two weeks. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge.

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Sky Watch Friday

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Very cool presentation, Leora!

Kelly says

Wonderful photos!!

Robin says

Really nice grouping - the whole is even bigger than the sum of its parts. If I had to pick a favorite though, it would be the one in the top right corner.

Lilli says

What a nice collage of sky watch photos

Ilana-Davita says

Beautiful mosaic. Something new to learn to do.

Jana says

Beautiful pics! I love the one in the top-right corner.

I didn't realize there was a Highland Park, NJ until today... I used to live in Highland Park, IL!

Thanks for bloghopping back to my blog! :o)

maryt/theteach says

I love these shots, Leora. I never saw New Jersey look so good! Ha! :)

Shimmy Mom says

Great grouping. I especially like the one with the street light. It's a unique view.

Leora says

Mary, I enjoyed your comment about New Jersey from a New Yorker point of view!

Sometimes I feel like I'm doing "hasbara" for New Jersey.
(hasbara=PR=Public Relations)

Marit says

Nice collection of photos and a nice grouping!

randi says

Beautiful pictures - love all of them - great job:) Have a nice weekend.

hihorosie says

Great and beautiful pics! I love glaring sun pics but that sunset is gorgeous! The sky reminded me of orange and raspberry sherbert. :)

Gemma says

Delightful collection of interesting skies!

Louis la Vache says

A unique series of images for Sky Watch!

Louis la Vache says

You asked if the little peninsula that looks like a crocodile bites. Not to "Louis's" knowledge, but some of its inhabitants might. ;-)

Arija says

Lovely chequerboard of exquisite skies
all very special

magiceye says

beautiful set of pics!


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