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Ode to a Peach

Oh, peach, how I love thy juiciness.
I will miss thee come fall.
You provide nourishment for my eldest son
And decorate my window sills with your yellows and reds.

As the peaches in New Jersey are luscious and seem to be almost red in late August, I present this peach as my Ruby Tuesday post.

ruby tuesday

frumhouse says

Nothing like summer produce! Nice pic.

Mulligan Family says

Makes me crave some peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream. Good shot. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

ellen b says

Yum! My mouth is watering...
Happy Ruby Tuesday to you...

People with Cameras says

Yum...good shot.

baila says

A little ditty AND a picture? Such talent! :-)

That peach just wants to be eaten. Peaches are my favorite fruit. Unfortunately here in Israel (where the quality of the produce is generally superior), the peaches don't cut it for me. They usually sell the white peaches, which IMHO are not nearly as flavorful as the yellow. So enjoy!

Ilana-Davita says

Nice photo. Could eat it.

mom2my9 says

Very cool photo! It makes me hungry!

Carletta says

Clever red post.

Minkydo says

Looks yummy! Cute poem.

Ruby post

Leora says

Baila, you mean my silly ditty? Read a couple of classic poems, like "Ode on a Grecian Urn", and change the words.
I remember eating a few peaches in Israel, and yes, I don't think they were quite as juicy as these. But still quite good. It was late June, and we weren't yet seeing peaches in New Jersey.

jhum says

wow! its like i can taste the crispiness of the peach! see y ou at ruby tuesday.

Denise says

Succulent and delicious, besides being a beautiful Ruby
hugs, Denise

Ralph says

This peach is stunning in its succulent glory. Ripe and juicy, nature's nectar. The red is a subtle part of beautiful summer fruit...

Jientje says

This peach looks so juicy and sweet it makes my mouth water!!

LingoVise says

Peaches are a favorite at our house as well! Tasty selection for this week :)

Felisol says

Dear Leora,
I'm going to have a peach at this very moment, imported though.
Yours was one to give me water in my mouth.
Love it.
From Felisol

Tommy V says

mmmmm that looks like a good peach

maryt/theteach says

Just the loveliest peach! Happy Ruby Tuesday, Leora! :)

Yrsa says

Maybe I should add some peaches to the shopping-list!? As we don´t have them in gardens over here, but seeing this post makes me crave for some ...

mother in israel says

Baila, I love the white ones. I splurged on figs for my guests last night, and am enjoying the remainder.

Raven says

Boy that looks yummy. Love your ode! I like nectarines better. Something about the fuzzy skin on peaches creeps my mouth out.

Dianne says

Beautiful shot and sweet little verse.

My DIL is addicted to peach pie. There's a baker on Route 35 who grows all his own produce and he bakes the pies and bread.

It's like a wonderland there!!

Alice says

This is a wonderful choice for Ruby Tuesday. I came by looking for your Reflections post and so far not found it, but I'm playing both Ruby Tuesday and Reflections, so am not empty handed.

Alice at I Was Born2Cree8
Or Reflections on Ruby Tuesday

Reba says

That looks incredible... a nice Ode to that peach.

Reba @ Reba’s Run
or this dog’s Reba Ruby Tuesday

Leora says

Alice, so now you got me wondering what this Reflections is all about...I found this:
This replaces the dragons I keep finding on many photo blogs?
I'll reflect on this one!

Guess y'all like peaches, huh? I went downstairs and found out the twenty or so I had purchased on Friday at the farmers market are all gone. Off to the supermarket...


i love peaches :-). can i have it?

Janet says

mmm, I have been craving peaches! My cousin ( just posted today about the peach jam she made...delicious!

hihorosie says

mmm mmm mmm good! Love peaches! And I love it when you get that just perfectly ripe and juicy one and it makes a mess but it's oh so worth it!

Patti says

The peach looks delicious, creative picture for Ruby Tuesday!

I like your ode. ;-)


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