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Here is a portulaca in bloom.  In the upper right corner, one can see white alyssum.
Here is a portulaca in bloom. In the upper right corner, one can see white alyssum.

portulacas blooming by sidewalk
More portulacas blooming by the sidewalk.
portulaca bud
portulaca bud

Portulaca or moss rose, which I grow in front of my house bordering the sidewalk, is one of my favorite flowers. I love watching the little buds grow. I love looking at the flowers in the middle of the day to see which one is in full bloom. They don’t need a lot of care, just weeding around them and sunlight.

Today’s Flowers is hosted by Luiz Santilli Jr. Thank you, Luiz!

Eduardo says


Luiz Ramos says

Beautiful portulaca. Always at middle of the day. In my garden they´re present too.

nonizamboni says

Moss roses are so, so colorful! And those delightful allysum next to them. Lovely combination. Thanks for sharing!

Paz says

What lovely flowers! Very nice shots.


Judi says

Wonderful flower, one of my favorites also, so easy to take care of.

maria says

I also love purtulaca very much! I had some on my window last summer! Thanks for sharing!

dot says

I have some portulaca in my yard. It's the easiest thing I've ever grown. Just break a piece off and stick it in dirt and it grows. I love the different colors you have!

Denise says

Hi, are beautiful and varied colors, you call them eleven hours, to open the flowers around this time, when the sun is intense. Great contribution.
Thanks for sharing.
hugs, Denise

People with Cameras says

They are lovely :)

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Portulaca reseed themselves in my gardens. I love them too!

ShutterHappyJenn says

so portulaca is the name of the plant. i always see that in some houses and admired its beauty.

my flower is posted here.

Cláudia says

Beautiful moss roses, ou portulacas. We have some here in Brazil, too. Your garden is very beautiful, full of different colors of portulacas. Great shots!

Sherry says

I love portulaca, the flowers are always so bright and cheerful. Your photos are very pretty!

Pat says

Lovely! Portulaca and alyssum are beautiful together. Nice photo.

Carletta says

That first is a beautiful salmon color!
I like the unformal look of these.

Ilana-Davita says

Lovely and delicate flowers. I also really like the color of the first portulaca.

Jientje says

Wonderful flowers Leora!
It's been a while since I visited, I had a couple of real hectic days, and a couple more to come, so ...
I love the artwork you made, wonderful, beautiful!
You are so gifted!

Fishing Guy says

Leora: I love this flower and the colors are really pleasing. I planted these last year but only one survived the Winter. I still love the one.

Marcos Santos says

Hi Leora

They are really beautiful.

I could swear that would be roses. The button is the same.

Given their request, I made a small change in my text, to facilitate Google Translator.

Abraham Lincoln says

Your Portulaca flowers are beautiful. I used to grow them a lot but have not had them for a decade or more. I don't know why as they were always special for me.

Your photographs are really a good ones. I have enjoyed my visit here today.

My flower is posted at > Thunder Maker

Kahshe Cottager says

I like these tough little beauties as well! They seem to thrive in places where other flowers can't. The closeup really shows how lovely the flower is.

ReaderWil says

These are lovely flowers. You must have a lovely garden.

A Living Nadneyda says

I love the word -- Por-tu-la-ca. It sounds like some romantic Spanish couple's dance.

JU Gioli says

Great flowers!!!!

JU Gioli

Cátia says

What wonderful flowers!beautiful

2sweetnsaxy says

These are so pretty. I just love flowers. :-)

Denise says

The flowers are so beautiful and so delicate. Lovely photos.

sweetnorms says

what a gorgeous flowers you have! very beautiful especially the first photo my favorite color, I love it!



Marvelous flowers and a lovely garden!
Your post is very important for TODAY'S FLWERS!

Have nice days


hihorosie says

GORGEOUS! I love this segment. I look forward to it.

Lorraine says

Elsewhere in NJ. Re: Portulaca. What do you do with it in the winter? Is it an annual? Does it seed itself and come up again in the spring. I have some in a pot that just got frozen. I brought the pot inside to thaw it out and now I don't know what to do with it all winter.

Thank you.

Leora says

Lorraine, you saved some in a pot? I have no idea if it will survive the winter in the house. Yes, it's definitely an annual, likes it hot, not cool. I find in June I get new seedlings from last years' flowers that spread their seeds. Look carefully in the spot next spring.

I've heard of impatiens surviving as a houseplant.


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