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Oak Leaf Hydrangea

I took some photos of my oak leaf hydrangea on Friday.

oak leaf hydrangea
I bought this plant several years ago. At the time I really had in mind the type of hydrangea that has the blue or pink clusters of flowers. But the plant nursery did not have any of those, and the man recommended this one. The truth is, I find the flowers, which show up in the spring, not as exciting as the ones on the other types of hydrangea. The real beauty of this plant is the leaves. And now with autumn they are exhibiting lovely shades of red.

red leaf of an oak hydrangea

Lorri says

What lovely photos! I love the texture blends and the contrasts. Beautiful!

I just nominated you for an award, here.

therapydoc says

Really pretty. I really appreciate your comments, Leora. And wish you a sweet, happy, healthy new year.

Michelle says

Those are a really pretty red color Leora..

hihorosie says

Gorgeous! Very fall and lovely.

Ilana-Davita says

Yes, the leaves have beautiful shades. I like this time of year when the leaves acquire new colors but for such a short period of time.

Louise says

They ARE beautiful. I think they look more like maple leaves, though.

And I say you deserve to go find a hyndrangea like you were wanting, if for no other reason that to show us pictures of it and to inspire some watercolor!

Leora says

Louise, I'll think about buying one. My yard is only so big, and the hydrangea lose their leaves in winter. So I'm leaning toward evergreens for larger plants in my back yard. I'd really like to try growing hollyhocks at some point. I change my mind a lot about the plants I want, which is fine, because no one is telling me otherwise.


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