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Thursday Challenge: Flowers

fall flowers
Rudbeckia, marigolds, one white petunia and one pink zinnia from the garden in my front yard

Thursday Challenge: The theme for this week is PLANTS (Garden, Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Trees,…).

jkirlin says

I like flowers with some miles on them. I can respect that.

Michelle says

Does your garden still look that good as it is beautiful Leora..

Ilana-Davita says

Nice golden composition.

Denise says

Hi Leora

Very beautiful, your garden is in full color and species.
hugs, Denise

magiceye says

all so pretty!

Louise says

So beautiful. Just gorgeous for this time of year.

Rocky Mountain Retreat says

It's amazing how many colors and varieties you have going on in that garden of yours at this time of the year... what an impressive photo! Absolutely beautiful!!
~Michele J~

Janet says

That's a beautiful picture! So autumnal :-)

Fish Whisperer says

This is a really nice shot.


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