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Ilana-Davita has started a new blog, Pierre Ramus in South River’s Weblog, together with a South River, New Jersey high school French teacher. The students in the two countries have written blog posts introducing themselves. If you can write well in French, please comment on the students’ posts that are in French (the American students who are studying French). If not, I assume you can read English because you are reading this post, so please comment on the posts that are in English (the French students who are studying English).


The Babysitter says

That is a very cool idea. I never thought of a blog as a way for students to practice learning a new language, but it sounds like such a fun way. That was such a smart idea, thanx for sharing, I'll check it out.

Carmi says

What a neat initiative! I can't help but think that this will light the writer's fire under more than a few of them.

I've posted the new Thematic Photographic theme at my place. This week: happy. Hope you've got some time to share a happy pic this week.

Ilana-Davita says

Thanks Leora for the shoutout.


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