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Crockpot Squash

squash with tomatoes and collards

I am fortunate that I can work at home. Sometimes, especially now that the weather is getting chillier, I set up some food cooking in my crockpot first thing in the morning, and the house smells yummy at lunchtime (and I have something new to eat). Last week I was hoping to make lentil soup one day, but I reached into my cabinet and found no lentils. I had just bought some cut up butternut squash the day before. If you have ever cut a butternut squash, you will know what a time and energy saver pre-cut squash can be. The squash even had an O-U on it, meaning it was cut with a kosher knife. I created this recipe:


  • 1 butternut squash, cut and peeled (or substitute another squash)
  • 1 or 2 slivers of fresh ginger, peeled and cut from the root
  • Collard greens (or substitute a bay leaf, parsley, scallions, kale, spinach, basil, whatever greens you like)
  • 2 or 3 fresh tomatoes (or substitute canned tomatoes or some salsa)

Cook the butternut squash and ginger in the crockpot with some water to cover (or even a little less water) for about two hours or until squash starts to get soft. Add chopped tomatoes and greens. It’s ready when the greens are slightly cooked (not long!). If there’s excess water (I had enough to fill one mug), drink that in a cup: it’s a delicious broth!

I did buy the lentils later in the day, and so I made a lentil soup in my crockpot the next day. I’ll post a lentil soup recipe another time.

Louise says

I did not know one could purchase pre-cut squash. DEFINITELY a time-saving (and sanity saving idea.) I'll have to have my husband look for that because I avoid winter squash recipes for the reason of so difficult cutting into the squash.

I'm out of town and way behind on visiting, so will comment on some other posts while here. I love the "Fun House." I see FUN! And the fish drawing. I've always loved that story, and now my children love it at well. Very drawing!

And the picture with the flowers and pumpkins is WONDERFUL!

Ilana-Davita says

A collegue of mine puts squash and pumpkins in the oven on low for some time before scraping them. I tried once; it is much easier than cutting squash.

Leora says

Ilana-Davita, I did that when I made stuffed acorn squash last week. I stuck them in the oven when I had other things baking, so it was easy to cut them in half.

Louise, so glad you are enjoying my various pictorial posts.

Mrs. S. says

Crockpots are really great. It's so satisfying to be able to just throw everything in and then not have to think about it until it's time to enjoy the delicious results later on.

Is your succah all finished? As I write this, my kids are just starting to decorate ours.

Chag sameach.

Leora says

Mrs. S, the walls of the sukkah are up, but no schach or decorations yet. That's part of today's activities, whenever we peel ourselves away from our computers to get started. My boys and husband will be helping build the shul sukkah this morning.

Jientje says

It looks like a delicious recipe, but what is a "crock pot"?
Is it some kind of a slow cooking pot? How does it work?

PS I loved the picture of the pumpkins and the purple flowers!

Leora says

Jientje, yes, they are slow cookers. If you go to Google Images and type 'crockpot', you will see many examples.

Glad you liked the pumpkins and purple flowers! It's one of my favorites, too.


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