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Ruby Tuesday: October Snow

snowing in Highland Park in October 2008
The snow in October, unusual for Central New Jersey, inspired me to take these photos. It’s my neighbor’s tree; most probably a “burning bush” (thanks, EG Wow and Carletta). The yellow-leafed plants with green “sticks” are what’s left of my hostas.

snow in October
My son just called and told me it is RAINING in northern New Jersey.

For more photos with a little red or a LOT of red, visit Mary the Teach at

ruby tuesday

Ilana-Davita says

I love snow but unfortunately we don't get that much snow in Northern France. Please, send some over.
Very nice shots; red and white go well together.

Olga says

No way! Snow already? I finally took my coats out b/c it got chilly in DC

Pia K says

Wow, snow seem so rare these days, looks pretty with that red and green. I'd love some myself, although then in heaps that lasts more than one day, but I wouldn't mind waiting for it some few more weeks...:) Have a good RT!

Heidi Jo the Artist says

Wow, snow already!! I suppose so…it is getting pretty cold here in Iowa now, but no snow yet. Beautiful photos! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Heidi Jo the Artist

Chaviva says

Wow! I'm so jealous :) Send some up here, will you?

Miranda says

Very nice shots. I'm sure we'll be getting snow any day now!

Robin says

My husband (originally from NJ) took one look and said "whoa!".

October is way too early.

My thoughts? I am SO glad I no longer live in NJ - it's too darn cold!

Carletta says

Wow! Red and white and the white is snow!
We had snow in the forecast but haven't seen any yet.

The bush reminds me of my Mom's burning bush but I can't say for sure.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

I agree with Carletta that the bush is likely burning bush. ;-)

EW! Snow so early. OK, I admit we had an early snow too...but we're considerably north of you.

Leora says

Chaviva, well, it's all getting rained out now.
Robin, see, it's good you live in Israel, where it's hot a lot, and I live here, because I wilt in the heat. Though Israeli heat is a lot better than NJ summer humidity. Blech.

Carletta and EGWow, thanks so much for the burning bush identity.
Pia, it's so pretty with all the fall foliage. I should have taken even more pics while it lasted.
Miranda, glad you liked the shots!
Ilana-Davita, I'll ship you some DHL.

Ralph says

We have only rain here in Southern CT, but i was listening to News88 in the van, and the snow and power problems are big now in Sussex County. With leaves on trees and shrubbery, the snow will break too many branches. This is the visual end of warm weather for this year...winter bleakness may not be far away (sigh!)

G_mirage says

REally? this early...ahh surely the unpredictable. Love the red against the the story of snow white =D Enjoy!

baba's blog says

Wow... snow in October.... my sister got snow today in Asheville,N.C.... the red colors look pretty with the white of the snow..Thanks for sharing this shot with us, Baba

Dianne says

it was really coming down here for a bit but then it changed back over

the red against the snow looks great.

Louis la Vache says

Nice contrast between the red and the snow.
What 'global warming?' ;-)

Paz says

Oh my goodness! I CAN'T believe it you got snow. It didn't snow in my neck of the woods but we got plenty of rain. I thought I was a fish. ;-) Lovely, lovely RT photos!


Michelle says

We got very little and I heard that the east coast and parts of NY state got hammered..pretty though..

me ann my camera says

Our Hostas look like yours! Snow in October is rather pretty on the Burning Bush but hopefully it is a passing moment which is much too early. We do not have snow yet and I am hoping we do not see any until December! Lovely red and white for Ruby Tuesday.

Leora says

Louis, I just had to laugh at your "global warming" comment! Personally, I'm thrilled at the early snow. Last year we had the air conditioner on in October.

Paz, seems so strange that it only turned white here in Central Jersey...but I see Michelle says eastern part of upstate NY got more.

Baba, snow in North Carolina? Now that's something!


belle photo RT

rickismom says

I followed your follower pic by Nad-ned's blog, and it brought me here. Stunning pictures!

Louise says

These images are beautiful. The way the snow covers the leaves, they remind me of Bleeding Heart flowers. I love the contrasts in color.


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