Watercolor: Willow Leaf Study

Watercolor: A Study of an Arava Leaf
Watercolor: A Study of an Arava Leaf

Wednesday morning I did this little watercolor of an arava leaf (you might recognize it as a willow leaf, its name in English). It is one of the many natural symbols in the upcoming holiday of Sukkot, which starts on Monday night, Oct. 13. I actually was only looking at one leaf, which I painted a few times on the same piece of watercolor paper. My son planted a little willow branch in the backyard this year, and I was afraid if I took off more than one leaf off the little “tree”, there wouldn’t be much tree left. My other son agreed that I should put some compost around the edges of the little plant. It certainly has been getting enough water, as we’ve had rain on and off lately. Maybe I’ll photograph our little willow for another post.

 See what our sukkah looked like a few years ago

13 thoughts on “Watercolor: Willow Leaf Study

  • It is very pretty Leora. There were several willow trees along the pond, but we had a bad storm 2 years ago and lost them. I loved the way they looked…

  • That would look great on silk.

    I used to root the willow every year and tried planting it. One year it “took,” but barely grew. Suddenly one Purim, we saw almond blossoms blooming from it! Apparently, an almond was dropped next to it, and both trees grow side-by-side like miss-matched siamese twins.

  • Who knew that aravot leaves could be so charming? I especially like how each of the four leaves looks so different – even though they’re all based on the same leaf!

    Shabbat Shalom.

  • Mother in Israel, no, that would kill the poor little thing. Can’t use it this year, anyway. I’m surprised it’s grown as much as it has. But we will be using some bush trimmings for schach. I always save a lot of trimming ’til two days before Sukkot.

  • Very cool. but how come the shadows of the leaf are curvy like an “S” (actually they look more like those symbols used to enclose a paragraph, when you want to write an annotation for a paragraph) while the leaf itself isn’t like that?

    Those are really nice leave’s, I love how the yellowish color in them makes it look like the light is shining on them. The top right hand corner one is my favorite.

  • Babysitter, because I’m not as good an artist as I strive to be? (Am I supposed to admit that in print?). The curvy shadows were definitely there. So if I didn’t make that clear in the leaf, I should try again some time. I did accentuate the curves, however, to add to the design. I called it a study to imply I didn’t think of it as finished, just a beginning of studying leaves.

  • Leora: First of all, I’m sure you are a great artist, your pictures that I have seen so far are great! The only reason why I asked was because I know nothing of art, so I figured there’s some artistic reason of why it’s like that. I would never want you to say that your not as good as you strive to be, that doesn’t sound right.

    o, cool, so the shadows are really there. But it does look great that way, especially how one of the curves connects to your name.

  • So glad you liked the design of my shadows. That was purposeful, the design connecting to the signature.

    For someone who claims to know nothing of art, you have a great ability to see (you also noticed the letters on my daughter’s art, for example).

  • Your Welcome, I figured the design was purposeful.

    I’ve heard before that I have great eyes, but they usually serve 2 main purposes, 1- to spot dropped pacifiers that are missing, and 2- to spot a dog to know to cross the street.

    and Thanx!

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