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Carnivals ‘n Links

stars in watercolor
First, thank you to Babysitter for including the above image of stars in her post on Lech-Lecha.

ck at Jewlicious did a marvelous job of Haveil Havalim #190: Post Election Panic.

Hadassah Sabo premiered the Yiddishe Mama Blog Carnival.

Juggling Frogs posted the overdue Carnival of Overdue Thanks.

I would like to get back to a link Ilana-Davita posted last week on health. I’m taking one quote off the article from the doctor who beat cancer:

Along with fried foods and sugar, one of the book’s other targets is margarine, which he describes unequivocally as “a lot more dangerous than butter” for its role in cardio-vascular disease and obesity. He refers to the “Israeli paradox”, in which Israelis have among the lowest cholesterol levels in Western countries, “combined with one of the highest rates of cardiac infarction and obesity”. The cause, he explains, is the kashrut imperative to separate milk and meat, which has led to the use of margarines as a substitute for butter.

And thank you to those who reminded me that it is Armistice Day. We Americans call it Veterans Day. In any case, thank a veteran today.

Ilana-Davita says

I like this picture of the stars.
Quite a while ago, some French doctors wrote a book entited "La santé dans l'assiette" or "Health on your Plate"; a great title. I believe its important to eat healthy stuff.

The Jewish Side says

Your welcome, and Thanx for the link and putting me on the top of the list, what an honor!

Now I see where you figured out that margarine isn't good for you.


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