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Fall Foliage In Highland Park

window with foliage
It’s been a beautiful autumn here in Central New Jersey. The color is everywhere; I think the weather has been cooler and damper than previous autumns, and the trees are loving it.

yellow and red foliage
These top two photos were both taken on my block. The one with the window is directly across the street, and the other, with the reds to each side and yellow in center, is looking down the block.

These last two photos were taken outside my kids’ school, which is in Edison, New Jersey, just over the border from Highland Park.

autumn leaves
How does it look where you live?

 More links to beautiful autumn photos on Carmi’s Thematic Photographic: Autumn post

frumhouse says

Gorgeous! It's beautiful in Chicago too, but I haven't had time to take my camera out. Maybe this week....

Robin says

Oooh, that red tree in the second photo is stunning!

Several of my trees are looking very yellow, but that's because we accidentally turned off the irrigation last week and they're starved for water. Oops!

Mrs. S. says

Very pretty!
In the first picture, I like the contrast between the warm colors of the foliage and the cool colors of the house and how the green bushes, which are sprinkled with reddish leaves, serve as a bridge between the two.

Did you do anything to the third picture - or is that the natural color? It almost looks like one of those photos where the whole picture is in black-and-white... except for one element which appears in color.

Leora says

Mrs. S., my neighbors worked very hard on choosing the hues for their home. The tree in the foreground is actually on my side of the street, in front of my house.

No, didn't do anything to any of those photos, other than make them 600px wide.

Raizy says

So pretty! Brooklyn never looks that nice.

Ilana-Davita says

All these shots are great. Nothing looks so beautiful here; practically all the leaves have fallen now.

Risa says

Amazing photos! Last year, when we came in November for my nephew's wedding,was the first time in almost 40 years that I saw autumn up close and personal. It's a season that is completely missing here in Israel. I must admit I miss it.

The Jewish Side says

Those are truly gorgeous, I love the top 2.

Batya says

just like flowers

Gordon Harrison says

the reds are so red, Leora!

colours not so bright in London, On, Canada, home of Carmi's site and we lost most of the leaves, and tonnes of branches, shortly after an early snowstorm.


gord h.

Gail says

You've captured fall color so beautifully!

saz says

lovely images, nothing like these autumnal hues is there!
over form Davids, well done on POTD

Jeni Hill Ertmer says

Loved the pictures! Fall here -I'm in central Pennsylvania so not that terribly far from your area -has been gorgeous this year -colors just excellent! And the weather until this week, hasn't been all that bad either. Last week, we were able to be outside during the day without having to bundle up in heavy coats -heck, didn't even need sweaters or jackets, which is a nice thing in early November. We did have a dusting of snow about 2-3 weeks back but it was gone by the end of that day -something I very much appreciated! Thanks to David for point me in your direction and congrats on POTD!

tina L says

Some absolutely beautiful shots of Jersey's fall presentation. I think it is the only thing I miss about Jersey.I moved from there 2 years ago this month.Thanks for showing me something I have been missing.

moannie says

Natures colours of Autumn...superb pictures. Remind me of the time I spent with friends in Denville NJ at just this same time of year. Thankyou.
Here from David's post of the day.

Celine says

These photographs are stunning!

rickismom says

HERE?? Looks dry! Pray for rain in aretz!!!!!

(The fall colors are one of the very few things I miss in aretz. We don't get it here.

Leora says

Ricki's mom, I seem to attract Anglo Israeli visitors to my fall foliage. I'm praying, I'm praying, our whole town prays! We even added something about dew. Not working, eh?


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