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Links Worth Clicking

Above is one more sky photo taken on Raritan Avenue.

Links to explore:

  • Klara set up a blog called Trees and Forests. She knows how to cook (and can teach you a thing or two about healthy cooking), but she needs some help with blogging. Go and give her some good ideas!
  • Eddie photographed a misty, colorful rural landscape outside Kyoto, Japan.
  • Loved Mimi’s purples.
  • Feeling a little more down than usual this fall, as the days get shorter and colder? Could be SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. Therapydoc has some good anti-SAD ideas.

Finally, the secret ingredient in the birthday cake was: BEETS. Congrats to the ones who guessed correctly (Ilana-Davita and Klara).

Ilana-Davita says

I had also read (and appreciated) The anti-SAD ideas.
Thanks for the other links.

maryt/theteach says

Leora, great Skywatch photos and photos of Raritan Ave! Isn't the Raritan a river also? I will post the Hebrew names for sky and clouds on my swf post! Thanks! :)

Leora says

Hi, Mary! Yup, lots of stuff named "Raritan" around here. I have pics of the river for next week's Watery Wednesday.

medam961 says

I like the composition on this photo very much. There is some special mood on this photo that you captured.
Thanks for visited my blog; I do appreciate it a lot!
Have a nice weekend!

Klara says

oh Leora, I wasn't ready for that :>)

I put up treesandforests just to play around because so enjoying the blogs I've been reading. Content for now just to be replying to others.

Guess once we choose a path we need to proceed on it?

Well, as they say here, slowly, slowly.


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