Donaldson Park on Raritan River

raritan river from bridge
I really wanted to get a photo of Donaldson Park from up high. It is a big county park on the edge of Highland Park, and the Raritan River flows right next to the park. I couldn’t get the whole park, but I got a nice tip of it in this photo. It’s on the right of that white streak in the river.

In order to get this photo, however, I had to park my car on a side street near this busy highway, Route 1, which runs from Maine to Florida (I think). The bridge goes bump, bump, bump as all the cars go over it. I don’t think I’ll be venturing out like this again. I got too nervous from all the cars and bumps.

leaves in the fall
On my way back to my car, I photographed these pretty fall oak leaves.

35 thoughts on “Donaldson Park on Raritan River

  • Beautiful pictures of Jersey that is one thing I must give Jersey credit for it’s beauty in the fall.I grew up there in the Mt Holly area.Thanks for dropping by my place.

  • Such a beautiful view! I’ve often had the desire to stop and step out of the car to shoot some photos. It’s a pity that the most wonderful scenery often is at places where it’s impossible to stop!

  • Forgive my long absence! I’m here to get caught up now. 🙂

    The park and those leaves are gorgeous! I just love fall and the breathtaking beauty all around.

  • You are brave! I don’t even like to DRIVE over that bridge, let alone stop and take photos…
    Well worth it though for the great pics.

  • Thank you for showing this beautiful park and river, and the bumping bridge! Actually I never like walking on such a long bridge with all the oncoming traffic. Thanks for your visit!

  • What vibrant colors! I like that red car in the middle of the second picture.

    Here in Israel we don’t really have autumn foliage like that. In fact, we don’t really have a fall season at all. Summer just kind of blends into winter…

  • On the Banks of the Old Raritan

    My father sent me to old Rutgers,
    And resolv’d that I should be a man;
    And so I settled down,
    In that noisy college town,
    On the banks of the old Raritan.


    On the banks of the old Raritan (my friends)
    Where old Rutgers evermore shall stand,
    For has she not stood
    Since the time of the flood,
    On the banks of the old Raritan.

    Then sing aloud to Alma Mater
    And keep the scarlet in the van’
    For with her motto high
    Rutgers’ name shall never die
    On the banks of the old Raritan.


    On the banks of the old Raritan (my friends)
    Where old Rutgers evermore shall stand,
    For has she not stood
    Since the time of the flood,
    On the banks of the old Raritan.

  • Cosmic X, do you hail from these here parts? Go to Rutgers by any chance?

    Jill, I don’t live driving on that bridge, either.

    EG Wow!, I didn’t like driving on Route 1 in MA, either (grew up in them there parts!) Knew someone who wrote a song about trying to avoid Route 1.

  • Your photos are beautiful! I love the park scene, so serene and lovely, splashes of autumn tones seeping through the trees.

    The oak leaves are lovely. I have photos I need to post of my oak tree leaves…and maple tree leaves.

  • Awesome. The first photo is breathtaking. Would route be the same as A1A in Florida. It runs along the first coast (Atlantic side).

  • You got a great shot. None of the parks I visit have this kind of fall coloring. There are a few places I want to take photos of but they don’t even have an emergency lane to walk into. One of these days I’m going to figure it out. 🙂

  • Jill, so I should go back there and take more photos, while the foliage lasts! I was there last week, but no camera with me. It was lovely, even with all the bulldozers and backhoes digging the place up.

  • wow, I love that picture of the park, it’s beautiful! I like how the red flowers stick out in the front, it like borders the water, making it a circle.

    Why are there so many bumps on that highway? it’s the pavement? or they put bump ramps on purpose to slow people down?

    those are gorgeous leaves, I love how it has all fall colors in it! I was actually just thinking about the leaves from your header and wondering where those came from.

  • Babysitter, the cars just make it go bump, bump. There aren’t any bumps put in. I just felt all the vibrations from the cars.

    The leaves in my header were taken last fall, when I was thinking about blogging. They are fallen leaves from my neighbor’s “burning bush”, the plant that I photographed for my October snow post.

  • Leora: I just wanted to say thank you for opening up to me a whole nother world. Today as I was walking I noticed all different kinds of leaves, trees and flowers, that were so pretty and colorful. Usually I pass by without noticing, but because of the pictures on your blog I started noticing, and everything becomes so pretty and nice to look at, makes walking more enjoyable!

  • Babysitter, I’m so glad! We are having a more colorful foliage this year; I think it’s because we’ve had ample rain, whereas in past years it’s been too dry.

    I’ve noticed the sky much more since doing Sky Watch.

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