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Today’s Flowers: Marigold

Marigolds look pretty among the fallen leaves of autumn. These yellow and/or orange flowers grow in front and on the side of my house. I sprinkle the seeds in spots I want them to appear next spring.


Today’s Flowers is hosted by Luiz Santilli Jr. Thank you, Luiz, for this lovely meme.

Ilana-Davita says

I never realized marigolds were still in bloom at this time of year. Great sight against the fallen red leaves and needles.

Denise says

Delightful photographs, beautiful flowers, your marigolds have such a rich color to them

Meire says

Beautiful flowers and colours!


ellen b says

Hi Leora,
That is one of the prettiest Marigolds I have ever seen. Love the color pattern..
Have a wonderful week.

david mcmahon says

Perfect background for that colour.

G_mirage says

They surely stand out from the dried leaves....Beautiful!

Fishing Guy says

Leora: Nice shots of the little Marigold, thanks for sharing.

Darla says

Those are pretty. I don't have any with the reddish color in them. Do you collect the seeds?

Leora says

Darla, I have collected seeds and put them in the refrigerator in the past. But now I just sprinkle them in a new place in my yard. I like spring surprises.

Carletta says

Your spring surprises sound wonderful.
My Dad always had marigolds when we were growing up.

Paz says

Beautiful marigold!


Michelle says

One of the few flowers that I can name and I love them. Thank you for your suggestions for my blog. I appreciate it Leora...

Lilli says

great capture and arn't they pretty with such beautiful orange colors,

Robin says

Marigolds have such lovely vibrant colors. Nice capture.

Arija says

Tagetes are always so cheerful and fresh smelling. Nice shots

me ann my camera says

How beautiful this blossom is within its autumn surroundings. This would be gorgeous on a canvas.

Leora says

Ann, I am looking for a subject for a new painting. Hmmm, a marigold? Maybe.

Janet says

I love marigolds and your shots are just so pretty! Thanks for posting them, it made me smile :-)

Mckay K says

I am glad to learn that marigolds will come back from the seeds. They are so pretty with the dried brown leaves surrounding them. I had to sit here for a moment and just take it all in. Very pretty.

Sara Chapman in Seattle says

I love marigolds. They used to grow well for me in N. California but not so well up here in Seattle, as they love heat and sun. So lovely. And the smell is practically in the photo!

And thanks for visiting my ruby leaves and leaving a kind comment. Much appreciated.

The Jewish Side says

I haven't realized there were so many types of flowers.

I think my Art teacher in HS actually taught us how to draw that kind of flower, now I know what it looks like.

Their all beautiful!


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