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Ruby Tuesday Visits Rutgers

Before attending my business meeting at Rutgers today in this building, I photographed a detail of the red brick building across the street (above photo, Winants Hall).

Do you think Rutgers chose red as their color so I could use their new emblem (the PR department had it redesigned last year) for Ruby Tuesday?

For more Ruby Tuesday pics, visit:

Ralph says

Red is a perfect color for a college - at least it works for our kids anyway, for the University of Hartford's colors are RED and white.

I like the emblem, as I see the rays emanating from the sun. I like it!

Tink *~*~* says

I love that little round window at the top, next to the chimney.

My Mobile Adventures *~*~* Presents: RED Stuff at the EPCOT Festivals in Walt Disney World

Tink *~*~*

Carletta says

I love the last image Leora with its branches and shadows. The red flag composed just right in its surroundings.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

I would say YES, Rutgers definitely had you and RT in mind when they had their emblem redesigned. ;-)

You can view my Ruby Tuesday post at

Paz says

LOL! It's good Rutgers changed colors, waiting for you to use for Ruby Tuesday. ;-)

Lovely photos.


eastcoastlife says

I like the new red emblem. It's simple and looks pretty on the lamp post.

Mojo says

Well if they knew you were coming, I'm sure that's exactly why they chose the logo they did! It just goes without saying.

Spider roll would probably not be your thing. Definitely not kosher since is has shellfish in it. Tempura soft shell crab is what gives it its name (looks spidery), so if "crawly" is off your list, it's probably not for you.

Leora says

Mojo, yeah, I thought so. I don't even eat kosher sushi with fish in it. Just the veggie kind.

Napaboaniya APAD says

Very interesting emblem in red :)

ellen b says

I really enjoy red brick in architecture. Happy Ruby Tuesday to you!

Ilana-Davita says

A great (red) series. It looks like you had gorgeous weather.

Felisol says

I love that red brick building.
So many details. The brick houses only get classier as years go by.
Norwegians are too much into wood buildings, so much maintenance work, and so few of these beautiful details.

The emblem was nice, not too overwhelming, but definitely one to remember.
Fave a happy, happy Ruby Tuesday.
From Felisol

Catherine says

Sure ! they 've done it for Ruby Tuesday hunters. Come back next year, Leora, they'll paint the windows frames in red too : )
An elegant brick building and a nice red emblem to go with.
Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Becky says

I really like the way the red emblem takes centre stage in the 2nd photo. And that little oval window makes me look carefully to see if someone is looking out and waving.

My RT image is posted here. Please stop by if you get a chance.

Robin says

They redesigned the emblem? I'm not sure I'm okay with that...

Dianne says

I love red brick! I've been to the area around around Rutgers to go to the State Theater but never visited the campus.

pagan Sphinx says

It looks like a beautiful old campus. I've never been there but one of my daughters attends Boston University and there is a lot of red in their logos and signs, too!

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Leora says

pagan Sphinx, I went to BU (Boston University). They also have red in their colors. But Rutgers has a prettier campus.

Pia K says

Very nice building. One of my cats name is Rutger, so of course I had to visit here and see what kind of Rutger the post was about:)

Jientje says

It's a very nice building, and the logo is a bonus!

Jew Wishes says

The photos are wonderful! And, you have a great eye for details and color!

maryt/theteach says

Leora, great RT post. Hope it isn't snowing in New Jersey making your trip difficult! :)

ramblingwoods says

My BIL attended Rutgers....

Mary says

I'm sure that was exactly what they were thinking of when they chose it :-) A perfect Ruby Tuesday post.


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